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  1. Grace to all of my beloved brothers and sisters who have shared your heartfelt, warm and inspiring comments.  I am humbled by your comments; I am encouraged that I released something so private to souls that have been blessed by the power of a testimony! To God be all the GLORY! -Pastor Tamara Bennett

  2. Pastor please I hear the word…I have a diagnosis of emphysema caused through smoking …please I failed to stop when God told me to but I ask God stop my progression. I believe God will heal me stop the progression in jesus name because only God can do all things in jesus mighty name

  3. This ministered to me, I've never heard you or seen you but wow. God sent this video my way for a reason. Please be blessed my sister in Christ. And that be humble part? Phew! And when you said 18 those last few time I got so shocked because I said, well I'm eighteen! That's me, that's for me! Amen, praise God, HALLELUJAH. ❤️❤️

  4. Going through life ups and down, when Pastor Bennett said you never know what you go through for God Glory, its makes it a little easier when we going through battles to keep going because its for his Glory.

  5. Brothers and sisters, most of us want faith for miracles but that should be p2. The first priority should be faith to stop sinning. If we say we have faith to heal the sick and do mighty works and yet are liars, fornicators and gossipers,then our faith is useless. For after we have healed many and raised the dead, we shall be cast out in hell. The Bible says that he who is of God doesn't sin. Let us develop our faith so that sin is uprooted and totally taken out of our lives. All things are possible to him who believes. Stop listening to prosperity and celebrity Pastors they are leading you to hell.

  6. I didn't know your story but I listen to you pray at the 12-hour prayer conference (AWESOME) and on a Tuesday night prayer with Pastor Hannah and I can see the glory of GOD all over you so I had to look you up. Wow! You are amazing. God is AMAZING! #Powerful