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In the Bible people who have hope are very different from optimists! In this video, we’ll explore how biblical hope looks to God’s character alone as a basis for trusting that the future will be better than the present.

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  1. Christian hope looks back to the risen Jesus in order to look forward.
    Amazing stuff !
    I noticed you did Word Study Videos on hope and love. I’m wondering if you guys are ever planning on doing a Word Study video like this on Faith as well?
    God bless you guys and your ministry!

  2. I've been so inspired by you guys! I'm from Brazil and I fell in love immediately with the videos, the group and the purpose! Thank you for your lives! God has been glorified by you all and certainly has honoured and will honour all of you! I teached for a couple of teenagers in my church and helped me a lot to explain certain concepts and biblical themes! Also I have discipleship with a deaf woman, a friend of mine, and the videos are awesome so she can visualize better everything we study! Believe me, this project is a Holy Spirit's way to change lives ♡♡♡♡♡ God bless you all, may He's love and peace overflow on you!

  3. Thank you Jon and Tim et al. As a college professor, I allot 5 minutes for a devotion before my class begins. So, 5 minutes works for us. Thank you, too, for making this filled with Scriptural content to learn AND the writing techniques I teach. It's like a BOGO: we internalize the info you convey AND study the means by which you conveyed it. I'm eager to give financially to your good work.