The Bible Project | – Overview: 1 Peter

Watch our overview video on 1 Peter, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Peter offers hope to persecuted Christians and guides them with practical instruction on living life consistent with following Jesus.

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  1. Though I like your outlines overall. I think you are wrong to conclusively conclude that the book was written in Rome. It could just as easily been written literally in Babylon as the book says.

  2. Students are conducting online Bible test series in our college during the quarantine.Whenever they announce the portions, they suggest to watch Bible project videos for quick overview. Your works are very useful. God bless.

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  4. I wonder how the lessons about suffering and God using it and how we are to respond to it might apply to our current suffering due to Covid-19. Others are suffering due to injustice, but my suffering appears to be merely misfortune. I wonder if 1 Peter has anything to say when the immediate cause of the suffering is not human persecutors?

  5. The Bible does not say that Peter was in Rome, He was to feed God's flock the Jews. The Apostle Paul was most certainly in Rome and was executed there. Babylon does not mean Rome, its means Babylon. There are no 1st Century A.D. Christian records or accounts that mention the Apostle Peter visiting Rome much less being a Bishop there. Peter was not the 1st Pope as Roman Catholics would like you to believe. According to 1 Clement , Rex Wyler, John W. O'Malley, show that Peter was never there. Only in "Acts of Peter", composed in about 185 CE by Eusebius embellishes this report almost 200 yrs later and adding Peter was also executed in Rome by Emp. Nero, along with Paul, although he does not cite any sources and gives erroneous dates, casting more doubts…Paul would have also known of Peter arrival and would have acknowledged Peter in his many letters, but He did not…

  6. Well, there was lots of exegesis up until the point of 1 Peter 3:21. What's wrong with just saying the verse exactly as it states it? Never says it's symbolic or that it shows something that had happened. The verbiage shows what it actively *does*.