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Watch our overview video on the book of 1 Samuel, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In 1 Samuel, God reluctantly raises up kings to rule the Israelites. The first is a failure, and the second, David, is a faithful replacement.

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  1. I'm reading through 1 Samuel right now for the first time, and this video has been great for understanding it better! I'm a little sad that you weren't able to fit the character Jonathan into this video, but I totally understand. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is one of the most well made series. You're not exactly accurate however you reach a wide audience with your method. Careful that you do not become trapped in literal depiction much of The Bible is representational to explain more powerful themes of creation at work at all times by the one who is was and always will be. Remember even Jesus said that he was here to serve God and not the other way around. Although God gives us all what we need before we deserve it. Thats wat for-give means

  3. I love these videos! I'm reading through the Bible on my own for myself for the first time and these videos are so illuminating! The Bible is hard to read and follow along with and I miss so many important details. These videos help to capture the overall story of the Bible in a way I've never seen or heard before.

  4. Can someone please answer this, If God is light and Just why did he sent a torment spirit to Saul? Why should i trust God if he can use me as the enemy?
    I'm having anger and confusion and i dont want to hate God. So if anybody can answer this i would highly appreciate it.

  5. Human evil has captured and captivated our world today. I know Almighty God the Father of Yehoshua the Christ will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. This must come before forced vaccines that would change human DNA.

  6. 1 SAMUEL

    Monday 24th August 2020
    Words By Father: "Do you know what happens when you demand something prematurely or out of My will? You do not get what you wanted or the thing you desired does not turn out the way you would have liked it to have turned out. This was Israel. Cried out for a king they did, and I even blessed them with one. But Saul was not a righteous man. He had many flaws, even seeking out to destroy My anointed. This is what happens when you are impatient and are too quick to run with your desires than waiting on Me. The thing you desired can become the thing you dread. It is a common flaw and many Christians fall into, and if you learnt the lesson from Abraham’s mistake by creating an Ishmael through impatience, you would know all the issues a premature blessing can create. Marriage is a perfect example of this.

    There is, however, a blessing that comes from Me that will remain a blessing to you and not a curse. It’s called the David blessing or for another term, the Isaac blessing. This is when you are patient enough to await your desires and trust Me with them that I know what is best for you and when the right appointed time is. I yearn to bless you with the desires of your heart and give you the promise of the Isaac blessing but the question is, can you trust Me or are you of the Israelites who moaned for a king? You say you trust Me? Then surrender all into My hand and wait until I bring you the David, for when I bless you with something according to My perfect timing, you can be sure it is a blessing!"

  7. honestly wonderful presentation. But, you forgot one crucial thing….. the gospel. It is pretty tricky to explain, but I will try my best…… God does not simply toss you a bar of soap and say, "OK, now with my help you can be clean." He takes the full initiative, cleans you from head to toe and then says, "Now that I have made you clean, do not go back to the filth of sin." Saul is actually a picture of the world – give us a king like the nations who says "I can do it with 'God's' help (in this case 'God' was represented by Samuel)," while David is a picture of God (Jesus) who says "I have done what you cannot do… I have made you clean (represented by the humility and faith of David), now live in the new reality and do not go back to the old way of self-righteousness" There are 2 roads: the Saul road (religious, I can do it with God's help) and the Jesus road (repentance, God has done a wonderful thing, now live in it and do not turn away).

  8. The Bible has the greatest stories to offer,
    More brilliant than the most brilliant,
    More tragic than the most tragic,
    More evocative than the most evocative,
    More revealing than the most revealing.

  9. whoever sees this can you please pray for my friend. shes having a ton of bad family issues, her mental health is plummeting, and shes now extremely lukewarm. please pray for her to heal and for her family to heal.