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Watch our overview video on the book of Ephesians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Ephesians, Paul shows how the good news should create ethnically diverse communities that are unified by devotion to Jesus and to each other.

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  1. In ephesians unlike Romans the jew is no longer first. We all are equal in calling. National. Repentance of Israel also is no longer on view. Its the dispensation of the mystery, signs and wonders no longer typical.

  2. Yet again, very weak teaching.
    We are blessed with ALL spiritual blessings in the heavenlies. Not a mention.
    This would refute all who seek a second blessing, that's if it was taught.
    We are saved by grace through faith, not of ourselves, not works, it is a gift of God. Not a mention.
    This would refute those who think they either need to add their works to get saved, and those who think their obedience (works) keep them saved, but again it is not taught.
    Two foundational truths and just passed over.
    Nice graphics, poor teaching.

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  4. Hello everybody please pray for my dear friends Sabrina, Rocio, and Luis. Pray that they turn to Christ and that they’ re bless and saved for the second coming and heaven. Thank you I would really appreciate it. God blessed.

  5. Cool graphics. Poor teaching. Totally missed Chapter 3. Read Paul's words in vss 1-9 and get the purpose of the body of Christ (this new church established by Christ through the Apostle Paul) and the mystery which was hid in God.

  6. How Wonderful our GOd is
    HE is full of Wisdom that HE planned MANs destiny and purpose even they came from Hard Past.. Thank GOD for Paul that HE did his best to follow GOD and be HIS vessel to spread His HOLY words and testify that JESUS is real and not myth..
    And be one of 12 disciple replacement of JUDAS who consumed by evil and became Beast against GOD.

  7. can i encourage our family of believers; If someone from another faith or someone who doesnt believe God comments on here maybe wants to know more. Lets be careful not to overload them with too many comments or resources to read, i know, i know we immediately see it as a chance to preach Gods word and encourage them to seek God. But it might be overwhelming for them when there is 20 of us commenting. Thank you bible project for this, Praising God for your willing hearts in serving the Lord through these short and very informative videos. God bless

  8. Thanks, that summary really helped me to see how the passages work all together to a beautiful picture!
    Maybe it could focus a bit more on the cross (though it is briefly mentioned in the beginning, explaining forgiveness and grace) – since it the very centre of the gospel. Paul also mentions it in Eph. 1:7, 2:13ff.,5:1f., 5:25f. and shows how both the cross and resurrection of Jesus change everything in our lifes. 🙂
    Thanks for this good overview, which also follows the natural structure of the letter itself really well, as far as I can see! 🙂

  9. Where can I purchase the doodles used in these incredible videos!? I have searched the web far and wide in the UK.. Please , if anyone's has any idea where I can get these please let me know! Blessings