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Watch our overview video on the book of Jonah, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. The book of Jonah is a subversive story about a rebellious prophet who despises his God for loving his enemies.

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  1. I really love your videos and the ideas you pull out of the Bible–thank you! I will say, however, that I disagree about Jonah playing a wicked man. These stories, as far as they are translated correctly, are real and true. I know that God calls His prophets and gives them that power to do divine things under their divine callings. Although Jonah wasn't perfect (clearly) none of the prophets are, and that's also part of what we learn throughout the scriptures. Thank you again for the work you are doing, though. I really love it!

  2. Awesome video. I have heard of the story of Jonah so many times throughout my life. But I didn't realise that the main message was 'God loves your enemies'. I always just thought the lesson was 'don't disobey God if He gives you a task'.

  3. So after all these comments He or She who reads this believes in the power of God! This narrator explains things so open like everything was a joke! IF I HAVE SEEN THINGS THAT ARE SUPERNATURAL…why o why is it this not taken so serious! OR laterally!

  4. This has been eye opening for me. Thank you for condescending these interesting stories and exposing them to me in a way I had never been exposed to these things before. I feel compelled to read and learn from the bible first hand.

  5. Yo! I'm laughing. It makes sense. I know that God is love and rich in mercy.

    Sometimes, I get harsh on things on things I should be more gentle with b/c I FEEL like the other person(s) will fail to change, unknowing that God can change their heart just as He changed mine.

  6. Jonah didn't hate God & he wasn't wicked. If he was wicked he wouldn't have offered himself to die to spare the sailors & he wouldn't have described God as gracious & compassionate if he hated Him. Jonah was deeply nationalist & angry at the injustices of Nineveh towards Jews. But God is God to everyone, not just those we like or hate.

    Also, Jonah's prophecy to Jeroboam was genuinely from God because He was still showing patience to Israel. Amos' later prophecy was because the time of their judgement had finally come.

  7. The central thought of the book of Jonah is that God cared for and saved even the most evil Gentiles in His pity on men and cattle.

    G. The Revelation concerning Christ

    In the book of Jonah, the revelation concerning Christ is in Jonah’s being a type of Christ.

    1. In Jonah’sTypifying Christ
    Preaching the Gospel of Peace to the Gentiles

    Christ is revealed in Jonah’s typifying Christ preaching the gospel of peace to the Gentiles (3:2; Matt. 12:41). Jonah was a prophet who turned from Israel to the Gentiles. In this he was a type of Christ, who turned from Israel to the Gentiles (Luke 4:25-27; Matt. 21:43).

  8. God should not have "enemies". He also should not have a chosen people.
    Why would a being who claims to be the source love and knowledge, have any animosity towards anyone?
    This story is further proof of the bloated myths that have been spread by religions. Dissect your beliefs and put them up to the light. Ask real questions about the nature and actions that are taken by an all-loving all-powerful being, and see if the story contained here makes any sense.

  9. WOW! These are points that I have NEVER been presented with or thought about myself. Thank you very mcuh for this! I pray that i will always have the heart of God, and never be angry with God that he loves my enemies.

  10. I think this story applies to all of us, to a greater or lesser degree, we are all human beings, capable of being skewed about something, or someone, quite often because of our silly and sinful beliefs! Well done indeed again!