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Watch our overview video on the book of Lamentations, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. The book itself is a collection of five funeral poems offered on behalf of Jerusalem after its destruction by Babylon.

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  1. Your "breaking down" of the Bible text is very helpful. You reveal the structure of the original language and make sense of it in everyday speech. I am greatly appreciative of this work by "BibleProject" for what was first confusing becomes easier to grasp and thus for me to renew/strengthen my faith in the LORD GOD. Once again, thanks.

  2. What really gets me through all of this is that the Lord allowed their suffering. People died. Women and children. I know the Lord is just, but it sits funny with me that these are his people. Their sins lead them to this place and he allowed it to take place as much as it broke his heart. My spirit is really wrestling with this book.

  3. Guys I like all of your channels videos, you guys are wonderfully explaining the Bible, everything was good and wonderful to understand, I have a doubt on this lamentation you guys mentioned as this was no idea whom written, but in my language ( tamil) the lamentation was mentioned as Jeremiah's lamentation??? Can you explain this for me.

  4. Why do you say "These human words of grief that are addressed to god have now become part of god's word to his people." The Lamentations-collection is not "god's words." Scripture in general is not, for the most part, god's word. It CONTAINS god's words when the prophets speak in his name or when he is quoted in the 5 books of Moses; but the narrator is never god, nor do the books present themselves to be the word of god. Even in the books of the prophets, god speaks in context, after a prophet says something like "Therefore YHWH has spoken," or "…declares YHWH." This might sound harsh, but I think it is bordering on idolatry to conflate the words of an ancient Israelite or Judean human of flesh-and-blood with the actual words of the Lord Almighty, and I hear both Christians and Jews alike doing this all of the time.

    On another note – GREAT video, as always. Thanks so much for all your work!!!!

  5. Reproach came upon those who twisted the word of God. Daughter of Zion is the one who bares everyone's sin and has a direct line to God.

    When the word of God gets twisted, it bothers my Spirit to no end.

    The wrath that came on me, was because of 1 person. Remours and lies, were spread across every nation and tongue against me.

    I have had no one to help me, but God.

    Because I have been hurt, it is they will suffer because they have to pay the price of what they have done to me. God is a fair and righteous God.

    Getting ready write and it is going to be clearer than ever before. ❤

  6. I've been reading lintations and this video makes such clear and concise meaning to the book.
    I'm feeling overwhelming grief of late and seriously contemplating suicide as a solution to the pain i bear. I never knew life to be so trying.

  7. "'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this virtual application.""'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this video."This is a work of fiction and nonfiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious and somethings are factual . Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  8. It's amazing how God blesses and pours out His wisdom on the people behind these videos to be able to observe and collate all these and give an overview of the books of the Bible and present it sooo well! I can't clearly describe how great and helpful it is and I'm just really grateful I've found this channel, God bless!

  9. Are we not today in danger of falling to Revelations's Babylon if we as a society fail to heed the words of the Lord? Rev 18 could very easily apply to NYC as we listen to this video. 2000 people a week are leaving. "Come out of her my people, that you don't partake of her sins, and receive not of her plagues."

  10. You so called blacks hispanics and native Americans are the lost Israelites according to the bible and history, the world has lied to you. The laws are not done away with like the pastor's have told you. You must still keep all the commandments. Repentance isn't repenting and doing the same thing over and over. Christ died to give you a chance at grace, similar to a grace period for a bill. But remember that bill must still be paid. I advice anyone who wants to know the truth to watch hidden enemies 1-6 by cnycefilms144. I love you all.