The Bible Project | – Overview: Leviticus

Watch our overview video on the book of Leviticus, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Leviticus, Israel’s holy God invites them to live in His presence despite their sin, through a series of rituals and sacred institutions.

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  1. When my mom died I took her bible and ripped it up. I then took a handful of pages and wiped my ass with it. I looked at it and my shit was smeared over the title of "Leviticus". So it's kind of a coincidence that you'd do a piece on Leviticus….

  2. Thank you BibleProject for the way you convey the books of the bible. I am able to understand the stories and the connections between them. Your method of teaching complements me a lot for I am a visual learner. I appreciate all the hard work that is put into these videos. God Bless.

  3. Just watched this and now I think I had better have that cup of coffee and replay this, seems really important!
    I have been reading the comments and I say beware! The Devil is empowered by distraction when discussion leads us away from the foundation of who we are now.
    So who are we now?
    For me, the answer is that Jesus is Lord! like now! and his whole story is true and he did what he did for us so we can live in him and be free in him and he can live in us Amen.
    I say if we really want to know about unclean animals then the top answers are going to come from Jesus Amen and so ask and if there's seemingly no reply ask again, an answer will come we can be sure of that, it may not be the answer we thought we wanted but it will be an answer and the answer we needed.


    Tuesday 18th August 2020
    Jesus: "People devote their whole lives studying the word of God, getting their Bible college degrees, and gaining as much knowledge as they can of My laws, and in the end I will ask one thing – did you know Me? There are many religious ones who know about Me, can quote any scripture, answer any biblical questions, but do not know Me personally because they are spiritually dead and have no life in them. Yet, there are those who know little about the Bible yet have a bond with Me far closer than many Bible scholars. These people bear fruit and have life in them. It is irrelevant how much knowledge you have, for knowledge puffs up and can become the bane of your life if not used wisely. The more talents given, the more talent required. It is however, very important how much you walk in the things you know whether little or much. This determines everything about what type of person you are, your love levels and your spiritual condition.

    The Levites ministered in the tabernacle, and as duty, they had to be sure that they were without blemish or sin. The consequences for defiling the holy place was death. In the same way, you represent that priest offering Me your gift every time you come into My presence. Defiling My presence with known sin in your heart and not dealing with it when solutions are offered, has consequences you wish not to pay. For you know that anyone practicing the law such as the police, the penalties for breaking them are intensified. And so are the penalties intensified for My people who keep My law and do not follow them. Therefore, don’t be one of those who search the scriptures and in them you think you have life. True life comes from My Spirit and is activated when you apply what you know. Such people who do this are well pleasing in My eyes and indeed they know Me personally!"

  5. Are you sure the text is not clear on clean and unclean meats? Okay lets do logic test 1) Are Swine the hoovers of the earth eating everything and anything even their own dead babies? 2) Shell Fish and Bottom Dwelling fish are they the trash bag of the sea eating fecal matter from fish, dead skin and dead fish cleaning the seas? YES To both by the way…

  6. Balaam was greedy. He wanted the reward Balak was going to give him. Because God prevented him from cursing Israel, he couldn't get the reward. Instead, he sought to get the reward by making Israel sin, so that God would punish them. He advised Balak instead to make the Israelites fornicate with their women and eat of food sacrificed to idols (Numbers 31:16; Numbers 25:1-9). The New Testament confirms this narrative as well (Revelation 2:14, 2 Peter 2:15, Jude 11).