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Watch our overview video on the book of Malachi, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In this book, Malachi accuses Israel of selfishness after the exile and announces that the day of the Lord will purify Israel and prepare them for God’s kingdom.

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  1. Humble and put on the bottom beat on and kicked. Put down and I know that he is God. He sent us the only begotten son Jesus Christ. I'm ready for the promise land. Saving the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt.
    I can't ever turn my back on God or will i lose my faith in Christ I stand in the name of Christ for his name sake

  2. How do you get that the Book of Remembrance is for the people to read and remember God's character and promises? There is no hint of that in scripture. Malachi is post exile therefore Malachi 3:16-18 can't be referring to the exact same events as Ezekiel 9 but Malachi 4 it makes it clear that he is referring sparing those who love him from the terrible Day of the Lord. It's obviously an OT reference to the Day of Redemption, aka the rapture.
    You may not believe it is referring to the rapture but what the video does is claim something the Bible does not say at all.

  3. Great video, sounds JUST LIKE the church of today, stiffnecked, hardhearted, and concrete; mixed up and well set. I say, bring the two witnesses, bring the tribulation because the church of today are bastards and unteachable and unwilling to repent of sin. We say, thus says the lord when He has said no such thing. Bring it Father, show the church how they have turned from You, turned from Your law, make them aware of the sin agasint You and only You, and Your beloved law that I love dearly.

  4. On April 6, 1909 the Prophet of God was born He came to restore all things and change the hearts of the last-day children to the pentecostal fathers. He showed the same Character as john and Elijah, what makes him the Prophet of God find out. He’s name is brother william marrion branham and his ministry is amazing and had the sign with him the Holy Ghost. At the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas, the Pillar Of Fire was photographed for the first time in world history above our prophet. I hope you take the time to check it out and not just say this guy is nuts. But praise the Lord and God bless you!

  5. Praise HIS HOLY NAME – GOD came to give eternal life to HIS creation. JESUS CHRIST – MESSIAH – SAVIOUR to all who would believe in HIS perfect sacrifice for us sinners. It’s wonderful to read the Holy scriptures especially Old Testament prophecy of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  6. It is amazing how so many books of the old testament always point to the future, the 'day of the Lord' that brings devestation in order to finally bring peace in the end. Don't know for sure, but I would guess that even every old testament book contains this outlook.

  7. So i have been in a changed world one day i was at a place and the next thing i know i was blacked out not knowing where or what i was doing..must have gotten ruffyd..anyway i just want to say i have changed my life and am really into the Bible and the Bible Project helped me get through my first four readings and im on my 5th..Pastor Landon is a good learning video sensation..I have completely changed my life and truely follow the word of Jesus Christ..just saying Thankyou and keep making videos because they really helped are all the Best ..God is beautiful you should visit..i have a new life and im very Thankful..things can happen im now in a wheelchair and by the grace of God i survived..So Amen brothers and God Bless

  8. Bro, your summarization was false.
    G-D told that us to be mindful to The teachings of Moses(i.e., Torah), and He also told that He will send Eliyah before The Awesome, Fearful Day of L-RD. He never told that He will send Moses. He never told in this book that He will send Moses.

    You are giving wrong summarization.

  9. Malachi 3:22 remeber the Torah of Moses My servant whom I commanded at Horeb statues and ordinances for all Israel. This is what we are reminded of before the new testament where everyone likes to say His laws are done away with. I think he knew we would take alot of Paul's writings and twist them, So before the new Testament we are reminded to REMEMBER HIS TORAH! Because Yeshua would come and be the Torah made flesh.