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About The Author

The Chosen WHY A TV SERIES ABOUT JESUS? We've been making movies for some of the biggest studios in Hollywood for 20 years. But a subject this important shouldn't be entrusted to Hollywood. It needs to be made by us. Isaiah 43:19 says, "Behold, I am doing a new thing..." The Chosen is a new thing. * How it was financed is new: We're the #1 highest crowd-funded media project of all time -- over $10 million from over 19,000 people. * The content is new: We're the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Christ. * The way to watch it is new: We're the first show to have our own app that connects directly to your streaming devices. No subscription needed. Just search "The Chosen" where you get apps and download to your phone. * How it's reaching the world is new: The show is free, but by "paying it forward," you help ensure people around the world can see it -- we're currently in every country. Welcome to a new thing!

Comment (39)

  1. I love children and would normally work with 8-11's at church and at a large Christian camp each year. We believe that children are the church of today and leaders of tomorrow. We teach them that they need to be born again, can be filled with the Spirit and can be used by God. They can prophecy, pray for the sick and receive words of knowledge and so on. They are still children and do things in a childish way but that's fine.
    I really enjoy seeing Jesus interact with children in The Chosen and He still wants to interact with then today.

  2. Our family absolutely loves The Chosen, especially my 11 year old daughter. I do have a question regarding Season 2. In Season 1, there was a pretty intense scene in episode 1 with Mary and Nicodemus. I skipped past the scene with my daughter. Will there be other scenes like this in the upcoming episodes so I can plan ahead. Again, great work you guys are doing!

  3. My favourite episode. My heart was so full and I cried the whole time. This episode depicts Jesus as giving these children his full attention and he is so filled with joy about each and every one of them. That the Jesus I read about in the Bible!

  4. I finally watched it. It’s funny because I started watching it when it just came out and for some very strange reason, I wasn’t open to it. Now, nearly a year later and God has dropped the scales from the eyes of my heart. I cannot thank you enough for not allowing a virus to shut the gospel down. I feel closer to Jesus now more than ever. I feel like crying from feeling how close He is to me. I want to pay it forward.


    When is season 2 coming out and why can't I find any updates about season 2 on google since like April of 2020?
    I hope everyone in the cast is fine, and I pray He comes sooner than later in real life but I'd love to be able to watch all the work you guys have put into season 2 and then of course even season 3!

  6. Anyone who knows the Lord, scrolling, please take a moment to pray for my children's abusers to be caught and stopped and for my children to be brought home to me, safely and soon, in Jesus's name. Please pray specifically for God to cause the UNSTOPPABLE UNCOVERING OF THE TRUTH in an irrevocable way that causes my babies to be brought home asap.

  7. There is a small evangelical publishing house not far north from where i live, specialising in childrens' books, and translating from English (e.g. Lee Strobel's Case-for-books). How much I would love for them to make a Swedish version of this!

  8. Can I just say, I love how the characters in this book are dark skinned! ❤️ so refreshing to see ethnically correct this is. No more Caucasian Jesus’ please people. Nothing against caucasians but this is correct!