Tim Keller | – How to Become Evergreen – Psalm 1 Meditation by Tim Keller

Today we continue this special series of meditations by Tim Keller — “Trusting God in Difficult Times.” This series is meant to encourage you to trust God more deeply and to meditate on his word and what it promises, to give you strength and hope in difficult times. After the meditation, Tim will be joined by Kathy Keller for a short Q&A.

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  1. I really really want to learn more about the difference between the mindfulness that's so widely practiced and encouraged in psychological therapies and Biblical meditation. I've always felt uncertain whether it's ok to practice mindfulness breathing.

  2. Спасибо большое за ваше служение. Мы слушаем вас в России все время. Хотели бы попросить вас. Возможно чтоб, все записи Тима Келлера, были записаны на проигрыватели в котором можно включить субтитры. Это ооочень помогает. Мы не очень хорошо знаем английский язык, но субтитры очень помогают понимать суть. Спасибо большое.

  3. It's wonderful to empty your mind of your own thoughts and fill it with the word of God and the presence of Jesus. Just turn your mind over to him and love him with all your mind.

  4. Pastor thank you so much I have been so blessed and encouraged by your messages in this virus. I know that many others have been blessed and encouraged as well. God bless you for bringing us hope and light in a dark time.

  5. Psalms 143:5 I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands.

    Key word – muse. "be absorbed in thought."

    Add an A to it and it becomes the opposite. Amuse. Current definition indicates "entertain, find something funny." It's interesting to see the etymology of this word. It used to mean deceive, delude, cause to stare at stupidly.

    late 15th century (in the sense ‘delude, deceive’): from Old French amuser ‘entertain, deceive’, from a- (expressing causal effect) + muser ‘stare stupidly’. Current senses date from the mid 17th century.

    What are we musing on?
    What are we amused by?
    Television, social media, phones, sports events, window shopping?

  6. Wow. Helped me break the stay home doldrum and inertia. Thank you Tim. Your writings and video restored my faltering faith years ago. Am so thankful for the authenticity and insights. Loves from Singapore.

  7. This is a great revelation, very timely indeed. It points us so cleary away from misconception and misunderstanding. Thank you, and God bless you both individually and as a team!

  8. This is a little bit odd to me. Born again people of course delight in the law of the Lord. It’s almost like brother Tim is speaking to unregenerate people – – weird.

  9. Thank you for clarifying the difference btwn christian and eastern meditation. Can you expand on the how to do it… "fixing your mind on a particular truth, then its speaking to your own heart about it until God comes near… or taking the truths of the bible and pressing it down into the very base of your heart until it catches fire…". Are you talking about memorizing scripture? Reading scripture? Then what? Ask yourself questions about it? Just not sure what to do with this idea of meditation. Is meditating done only alone or with a small group?

  10. It is so unreal, we as followers of Jesus, get to walk with the almighty GOD in the cool of the day. But in Hebrew that word cool is wind or spirit. Get out in the winds and be filled and swept up in His Breathe winds!

  11. Thank you for explaining the experience of what Christian meditation should be & when it should be practiced; day & night. Certainly I've read Plain 1 before but praise the Lord our God for His word is living & there is always something new to learn.

  12. I appreciated your talk about being an Evergreen and the importance of meditating on God's word. However I would clarify your definition of meditation since there are many types of meditation, both Christian and Eastern. The mediation you and your wife describe is one type of emptying yourself of conscious thought by repeating a mantra. But there are other forms of mediation like Mindfulness which is bringing awareness or concentrating on something like your breathing, or sounds in the room or sensations you may be experiencing. The goal of this type of mediating is practicing keeping your awareness on the thing you are concentrating on. Now what happens is that your mind doesn't stop working and before you know it you are thinking or giving your attention to something other than what you paying attention to, like your breathe. The practice is when you realize that you are distracted you just bring yourself back to what you are giving your attention to without being critical or self-judging for getting distracted. 

    When we mediate on God's word we are in fact giving out attention to a verse or passage and allowing ourselves to stay on that verse. There is also a meditation called "Centering Prayer", which is the type of prayer where we sit before God in silence ( "Be Still And Know That I am God Ps.46:10) In this mediation you use a sacred word when you find you have gotten distracted in your mind in order to bring you back to this practice of sitting before God. This type of meditation opens us up to Jesus's presence and works not just for our rational mind, but our body as well. But the goal is to be before Jesus. I hope this gives some clarity to mediation.

  13. I remember a long time ago Tim spoke of being at a camp I believe and the speaker setting out the question of something like "if God is the God of the universe how can we expect Him to just be our assistant or co-pilot? "and then directed them to go and figure out what that means to them. Where can I read or hear that gain or more on that topic? I am turning 50 this summer and I don't think, since my salvation 22 years ago, I have ever been "all in" for many reasons including being in an abusive marriage for 20 years where to survive and juggle the messes he made and protect my children and keep the MARRIAGE together, pleasing a tyrant elevated him to a god position. We left him this past winter and I desperately want Jesus back on the thrown of my life my my children's and heart and mind and will. I know all my fears and worries and life are out of proportion because the Lordship is as well. Thank you.

  14. But this was written prior to jesus – how were old testament people supposed to understand this? Where they just to be dumbfounded by it? I'm not saying it can't have application to jesus but this doesn't seem to be what the original psalm writer would have had in mind while writing this particularly because he would be saying to enjoy something that didn't exist at that time…