Touré Roberts | – "A Tight Spot" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Comment (27)

  1. I am in a tight spot and I really needed to hear that today every time I listen to you Sarah you right on point I just press play on whatever is at the time and it's always just for me thank God for you and your obedience and Pastor Toure to your family has truly been a blessing in my life with your ministry

  2. The fact that we watched this right after we found out about a very important decision we need to make in the midst of a tight spot is unbelievable. Pastor Sarah you are a blessing to our family!

  3. Suddenly I got a word of encouragement that no matter what it looks like God loves me and is always near me. Thank you Father God for lil baby pastor Sarah who delivers a word to the least of me, those whose life feels the tight space is blinding them. I offer and invite you heavenly father to get down in this tight space with me and release your holy spirit to wash over me and receive me and my family. Bless and restore us, deliver us, and remove the blinders as we press through this journey. Quiet the negative voices in our heads and turn the volume up on the background noise of praise and worship. Thank you Holy Spirit for your peace, protection, and comfort during the tight spots.

  4. I hope you see this message miss Sarah jakes my life has changed forever n it will never be the same.thank you so much.iv listened to all of your sermons and I wish I can jus call u to say this .god bless u forever may he b with u…