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ONE | A Potter's House Church We are a global movement led by Pastors Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts. Whoever, wherever… ONE thing’s for sure -- you are FAMILY here. If you are finding us for the first time, a great way to meet us is during our #OneExperience happening online Sundays and Thursdays! _ Join us for the #OneExperience SUN: 7A | 9A | 11A | 1P | 6P THURS: 5P | 8P (PDT) www..ONE.ONLINE

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  1. Glory glory amen i thank you in advance i need you more now than ever this is a pivotal moment for me i almost let distractions in and i wil not fold i am solid lord i live for you i am here because of you i love you lord help guide me and keep me 🙂

  2. Jesus is coming back. Are you ready? Have you passed life’s one and most important test of accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior? The bible says not everyone who gets to Heaven and knocks will be able to get into Heaven. But it is he that does the will of my Father. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Once we get into eternity there is no turning back. We are going to be in the paradise of God, eternal bliss, or eternal condemnation. The bible in the end those who are not going to Heaven will suffer so much they will seek death and it will not find them. This is the punishment for rejecting Christ as Lord and Savior. Repent today! The day of the Lord is at hand!

  3. He did give us particulars or do you read your Bible, we are to share the Gospel, live like He told us that's everyone's assignment you are making every one think they have this Moses or Sampson call on their life and that makes people doubt God when they only have two people to minister to instead of two thousand. You need to take your place, the one God assigned you to as a woman and learn in silence until you have learned the trutt