Touré Roberts | – Are You Willing to Lose? – Stephanie Ike

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Comment (39)

  1. You relationship with the lord has blessed me. You obedience, your sacrifice, your conviction and boldness to be able to come out and boldly talk about how God talks to you has blessed my walk with him. Has given me the courage to be who I am. Speak about the supernatural relationship I have with him. Thank you

  2. I'm coming home! I have fallen short. And found myself in a repeated cycle,just as I thought I was coming out. I was lead to this message. Thank you Stephanie for blessing me with this wonderful word. I pray that we all lean back and stay in alignment into doing God's will! In JESUS Name Amen.

  3. This sermon is really blessing my soul. Because many a times as christians we are called to make unpopular decisions that make as seem as wierdos. It is not for as to have some group thinking but to align our actions to the will of God.