Touré Roberts | – "Eat Like A King" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Service Date: 03.31.19 11AM
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The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver

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  1. Sarah, God and Jesus has already told me. I'm ready and I'm going. Hahaha. I heard God and Jesus the first time they told me, but I did like Jacob and fought with the Holy Spirit. Although I resisted at first…I cried, screamed, prayed and pleaded, but I listened. I am going back to get what's Mine! Hahaha Love Linder Dee Hall

  2. Sarah, you are fearfully AND wonderfully made. Keep doing you. Don't listen to the negivity. Follow your instincs and your own style. You are fashionable and stylish. You do you! Keep growing and keep slaying! Hahaha Hahaha Love Linder Dee

  3. Amen…Amen and Amen! Sarah, God is going to give you more than what you loss. When you lose something, God gives you much more than what you're missing. Losing is only a preparation for seeds to grow more. Think of it like a tree. When you prune the tree it grows even more faster and more beautiful than it was. Hahaha Love Linder