Touré Roberts | – Holding Out for the Best

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  1. This isn't BIBLE!!! It's just a bunch of Psycho Babble Double Talk. A Motivational Speech at best!! Notice you never see him holding a bible, or referring to notes, He never has a sermon prepared He just talks off the head what he thinks people want to hear, mentioning in the process well known bible stories, or he'll say there's a passage in the bible that says… but he never shows it to you. He's Selling you all the FALSE hope of GREATNESS, that everyone's "destiny" is EPIC, that what God's gonna do in your life is gonna be HUGE… There's NO PROMISE of that in The Bible!!! He misquotes Jer 29 all the time but that's out of context. Ask yourself how is this RIDICULOUSNESS helping you to become a better follower of Jesus Christ? Are you growing in your knowledge of & Relationship with GOD? Not from this mess… A True Shepherd wouldn't spend so much time talking about earthly success especially since he knows that The Bible says that the person who's mind is on earthly things is the ENEMY to God. Stop seeking to be awesome & pursue Holiness. Loving GOD and Living for Him is all that really matters.

  2. This message was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Holy Spirit filling and right on time for where I am in this season of my life!!!! My God is so awesome! I'm so blessed to have found you via youtube!

  3. just hear this… i am holding out for the best ever since.because my best is yet to come> & it is U that I am battling about, I am taking what is mine in HIS PLAN & now that I found U, I will not allow U to be out of my sight……i am absorbing all that is happening….I AM SO AMAZE….I can Dig it now…..Thank U Lord for this brain who understand your ways & knowledge that u gave me….ILU:-) save the best for last…
    perfect is not easy…The best is U and ME….We deserve it as our Divine Gift from Your Mom & my Mom….U hear me? U believe me? ILOVE YOUR SOUL….

  4. thank you for that message. at the end of your message you said that some of us think that we didn't deserve the best but you said that God. thank you so much for that message. because the man I meet met all five criteria. I'm going to marry him.

  5. Pastor Toure Roberts. You are such a man after God's own heart. May God continue to bless u. You are a pure vessel for Christ, teaching people the truth not jus what they want to hear. May your reward be in heaven