Touré Roberts | – "In Demand" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver

Comment (36)

  1. I'm so glad that God felt like Sarah Jakes Roberts was in demand because this woman right here is ON FIRE! I listen to her almost ERRRRDAY! Thank you Jesus for speaking through her. She is powerful!

  2. I thank you oh God because there's no coincidence in what you do, you have brought me here because you knew what fruit you planted in me, I'm more than grateful to know your will and experience your demand come out of me by making the decision to listen and obey to your voice through the Holy spirit by serving you
    I thank you oh God you are so powerful and your love is unconditional
    This is so deep I even cried and I could feel the presence of God through his Holy spirit

  3. amen man man thank you Jesus cuz I've been waiting waiting and just waiting since I got in this town since God bless me to come into town for the help of my son Grandma he blessed me with with with dresses everything Lord and blessed living yes Lord amen man I ain't talking to nobody nothing I just been waiting waiting for you yes Lord I've been trying to relax my mind to stay positive stay strong with God and stuff I just been waiting to get in the car and everything God know what I'm waiting for yes Lord thank you

  4. yes Lord let that power push out in our soul of me and my son and Angela he letting the power push out I so we dare yes Lord thank you Jesus I'm right there at your office yes Lord he going to bring us through give everything that we need thank you Lord yes Lord help my son with school yes Lord thank you Jesus oh you're powerful man yes Lord yes Lord thank you Jesus

  5. Every message that came on my notification from Sarah Jakes Roberts was specifically sent for and to me my confirmation from You lord thank you for everything your doing and about to do for me an us here on youtube and the world amen

  6. Thank you Lord this word was main this morning.Iam listen iam in Zimbabwe this morning thank you Lord i need fresh anointing push me Lord i need miracle in me the time is now i have been in this for to long Jesus.I give you all my heart my mind push me Lord iam in demand Lord push me on the corner. Same people they take me as granted

  7. I know that you are calling me. I have an addiction that is very hard for me to bring my gift out of me. My soon to be ex husband says it is witchcraft after coming from the Greek Assembly of God in Oakland California. I just need that same connection I fought so hard for it relapse after two and a half years clean got in a relationship with a woman who tore me down even more than my ex-husband now both of them are out of my life I have two young daughters and I am struggling to get that wholeness back. Please pray for me cuz I am coming and I know I'm supposed to be there already.