Touré Roberts | – "Move Your Feet to Move God's Hand" – Branden Adams

Service Date:11.27.19 8PM

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The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver

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  1. Once again, more confirmation from the Jakes/Roberts/Potter's House family (across the board)!!!! I am so amazed by how the Lord is confirming specific things in my current journey through these people. It started with Bishop Jakes and rolled into later learning about Toure & Sarah & the ministers at TPHLA. I am blown away by how the dots are connecting through so many teachers/voices in this one, big family. I am beyond grateful because THIS is where I am being fed for such a time as this. I am believing for unprecedented, impossible things that are so much bigger than me, there is nothing I can do except hold God's hand and follow His lead. I am clueless, but He is not. Thank you, Branden Adams, for this powerful message. It is sooooo on point and it mirrors how the Lord is leading me right now on this mind-blowing rollercoaster ride toward the Promised Land. This all takes my breath away! Love from Angi in Savannah, GA