Touré Roberts | – "Play To Win" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Service Date: 09.20.18 8PM
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  1. I always asked God to make me stronger and unhinged. And that’s exactly what he did for me in 2020. I felt like I was bleeding, to heal, to let it go, to be renewed and better. I know there’s a path for God being created. The previous persecuted find a way

  2. Glory to God !! I used to struggle with depression now I wake up every morning knowing that I’m a woman of the kingdom and I have radical expectations about what God is doing in my life !!! I know I have power !! I am who God says I am !! This is soooo for me !!! Opposition has been trying to discourage me… but it picked a fight with the right one !!!!! Thank you Sarah !!!!

  3. There was a reason why I was suppose to watch this this morning. I woke up depressed. Feeling discouraged. I made it through Christmas. My ex fiancé had just thrown me and my children out of his house like trash before the holidays without reason. I won’t allow a man to control me. He didn’t like that so he’s lying on my name to anyone who will listen. Very jealous, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pretended to be my night in shinning armor for four years! He told me nothing will work in my favor! He’s thrown out some of my belongings without informing me, very condescending, grandiose personality like he was God. His name is on the deed he told me, he pays the mortgage, but why move us from our comfort zone into your home? I gave him wifey treatment, I thought reciprocating and creating a healthy living environment! Finishing school… I’m praying for this soul tie to die!