Touré Roberts | – "Rejected for A Purpose" – Stephaine Ike

Service Date: 12.20.18 8PM
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  1. Hi.
    I'm currently gathering people for a good Cause.
    I promise it only costs time and kinda mental strength,
    but not money or anything.
    I cant promise fast or big results, but i kinda can promise
    Results when trying to make the world a better place.
    We want to do this by changing Youtube for the better.

  2. i kept seeing this but now i feel like this is the time which i needed to watch it because i needed to see this

    i learned that everything happens for a reason and learned a lot of lessons i’m not bitter no more and these lessons are for my purpose so that i will have more wisdom and knowledge

    Jesus is teaching me a lot everyday and that i was toxic in all different types of situations by not speaking up sooner or keep going back to things because of feeling bad or cuz i wanna talk to someone but now i know give it to Jesus and if you need someone to vent or etc Jesus is your therapist and everything more

  3. Yes we go through things because of lessons and sometimes not because of us but because God know that we can get through it and to show people that if i can they can also i learned it isn’t about us to me we’re the “ face” but this is all God

    i had to sit down and be real with myself and just thank God because i now understand because i wouldn’t have the knowledge or wisdom from those hard times i wouldn’t be closer to Jesus if i didn’t go through things
    God called me even closer to him during pandemic and slighty before had me even more isolated then before and this pandemic is the biggest blessing ever because i’m getting closer to Jesus and he is showing me Me and etc so this pandemic didn’t let me not see the Goid out of this

    all this happened so Jesus can win back his people and reveal everything people canceled this year but i’m actually glad of 2020 because this spiritual journey was needed

  4. December 31st I stumbled upon this woman and her teaching I’ve never heard of her. I interpreted him seeing men as trees walking just as she described it. I’ve been waiting two years to hear it come out of someone else’s mouth. Confirmation!!! Oh such healing to my soul!

  5. What a lovely message. I have struggled with this for a long time and I am finally beginning to understand it. God is doing a good work in me and I pray for his continued favour, blessing and protection. I give all glory and praise to Him.

  6. I like her preaching. It's about to find a message of joy in a matter of negative impact. That is the essence of believe and a message of hope and humbleness like Jesus brought to the world.
    I thought about if her words must be about rejection of ourselves that comes from others that do not mean much to us.
    Cause rejection from people that we love is a different thing I suppose.
    Cause if you love someone then rejection is not just revealing a truth or healing you. It completley changes you.
    Cause what you are is also defined by the relation to what you love. In experiencing this rejection your selfworth is damaged necessaraly, cause you feel that you are loosing a part of yourself, of what was defining you before and meant so much to you.
    How for example can rejection been seen as healing, if parents reject their problem-child? Or if a sick parent is rejected by the child that could help them. Or someone rejects you that you love unconditionally?
    For the child it could mean the revealing of truth about her parents. For the parent about their child. If God provides for the rest, it is possible to see it like a healing process.
    But it is not, if you love someone unconditionally, eg like a baby child loves its parents. Cause then it cannot heal you cause the revealed and so called "truth" is nothing you can or want to comprehend and it won't tell you more than the rejection to you. Cause your answer will always be love and not insight. And it will just be painful.