Touré Roberts | – "Sent Back" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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  1. Mind-blowing, Sarah Jakes Roberts! I am so blown away by your ministry and so many of the teachers involved. This particular message is another home run. I ran away broken and hurt from my love life……………closed the door…………….put up barriers……………placed locks on the barriers. But God. He came to get me & told me that this part of my life isn't over. He has sent me back to address things (broken areas in my heart!) that I ran away from so that I can heal and move forward to receive the husband He still has for me – which I thought was over and done with LONG ago. And this is an area where I HAVE to be like Moses. I don't know what I'm doing & I will not move unless HE tells me to. I am aware that I must do only what HE says in this area of my life or I will mess it up and run again. He has given me very specific instructions; I am following them and believing Him for great things in this area of my life….despite years of failure. ALL things are possible with Him. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord & the teaching that is birthed from it. Love you all so much and hope to meet you some day. That's one of my Psalm 37:4 wishes! Much love from Angi in Savannah, GA

  2. Pastor Sarah, I can listen to GOD Speaking through you all day. I have A similar testimony to your but I have
    not spoken it yet. That why
    You encourage my heart and soul. May God continue to bless you and use you.
    Be Blessed

  3. yes Lord cuz I went back and I let God know that I came back try to work it out and he kept on doing it got to let my person gone he ain't going to let me keep on going back and going back he going to let me keep on staying where I'm at and Faith have faith in Jesus God know that I need to find somebody that was better than how he was treating me God knows that God know I went back the second time he treat me worse and I did not allow that I left I left I left with my pride I was half and I happened I was kind of scared but God said it's going to be all right God said we are taking you somewhere that you going to have fun and faithful and good and happy me and my son in Jesus name amen

  4. Thank you Jesus for this confirmation my marriage that is so broken and am going through the hardest storm will be one to repair other marriages here on youtube and the world,this will be great breakthrough that's coming after all these years of pain will be a breakthrough for a lifetime thank you Jesus restoration and breakthrough am in this for the long haul thank you Jesus in tears thank you Jesus I'll no longer have fear but a sound mind and faith i don't see the outcome and I don't understand the story but I trust you lord wholeheartedly thank you for the favour Amen

  5. It's me Lord i receive ur word this morning iam listen this word in Zimbabwe.Thank u Lord i hv nothing to say in this word i receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you this morning yes yes Lord it's me father i don't to go back again.. Amen Amen i receive my God is great he is able.I receive my break through. Show me Lord here i come to u Lord. Amen i bow before you Lord.I need a word from u God order my steps Lord father open my flat gets..Oh my father my god.Yes i sever all the years but u Jesus u no the way u want me to go use me iam your vessel …Thank you Lord