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I hear Christians complaining all the time on Social Media and inside the churches. The complaints about all the problems in America, the fact that there are actual laws being passed to murder children after they are born, Drag Queens indoctrinating children in the public libraries, sexual abuse in the culture, censorship on Social Media, etc.

We want to blame the Politicians, the atheists, the lgbt and their supporters for the problems in America, but the truth is the problems are because of the pulpit!

Pulpits today are filled with cowards and their cowardice has been passed along to their congregations. They are a shame to the Christ they claim to serve.

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Warriors for Christ Warriors for Christ is a pre denominational Jude 1:23 ministry. By this we mean we follow the Bible as it was followed by the early church free from ecumenical systems, We expose false doctrines, false teachers, and to help equip the Saints. We are in the end times and we are at war with evil! THIS IS NOT A GAME. THIS IS WAR. THIS IS LITERALLY EVIL KNOCKING. WILL YOU ANSWER? WILL YOU FIGHT? WILL YOU DEFEND? WE WILL WE ARE. Warriors for Christ. If you feel led to support this ministry you can donate safely and securely below. Google demonetizes Christian content that disagrees with the liberal agenda so all donations are appreciated.