WAY Nation | – Christian Filmmakers Guess Hallmark vs. Christian Movies | This or That feat. The Kendrick Brothers

Christian filmmakers, the Kendrick Brothers known for their movies Fireproof, War Room and upcoming movie Overcomer (premiering 8/23/2019) battle it out to see if they can tell the difference between Christian Movies or Hallmark Movies!

Pop some popcorn, get comfy & see if you can tell the difference!

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WAY Nation We live in a world that can leave us feeling angry, anxious, and broken. WAY Nation helps us wrestle with this hopelessness and replace it with love and truth. WAY Nation is a place to learn, laugh, be challenged, and be encouraged. The truth of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus will serve as the foundation for all of our interactions. We know that hope doesn’t come from ignoring challenging topics, but from embracing and examining how the Gospel applies to them. WAY Nation equips us with genuine purpose and hope in Jesus. WAY Nation is part of the WAY Media Network. Our mission is to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus through culturally relevant media. Music. Faith. Life.

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  1. Please read this :

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  2. Ugh! I did so bad on this. I thought for sure I could figure it out, I know sometimes Hallmark movies and Christian films could have filming similarities and some of the same actors or actresses, but someone of the ones i thought were Christian were Hallmark.

  3. I know of only a few christian movies and only 1 Christian movie – The Passion, if you are going to make Christian movies then make ones with real powerful graphics and stories, like the man who was dying on the way to hospital and the roof of the ambulance flew off and was engulfed in flames, he said the Lord's prayer and then he saw hell, etc, etc; but do it as big a budget as God could give, make the effects even more horrifying that those in The Passion, or dont bother making any so called christian movies.