WeAre Worship | – Benny Hinn – Fill This Temple

Taken from the album “Healing”
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  1. sacrifices are needed and necessary if you want to know God and if you want to worship him and live for him worship is more than a song its what you do in joy for God even if you clean are cleaning the toilets. Anyone that reads this know you are a sinner its so necessary to know and to acknowledge that you are dirty, worn out and that your heart is not in the right place. Dont comfort yourself you need conviction to truly know him the His love is amazing and His words may taste bitter like medicine this is only because the truth has been hidden from you but it will be so much greater and better than what u have now COME AND TASTE THE WORD OF GOD. know that you are never living for yourself you are a servant and are made to serve however you are also His children. Open your eyes and see and seek that what you do isn't worth it nothing will ever satisfy you, you will find yourself in the same place over and over again. The closer you get to God the more you will see of yourself how vile you are how dirty you are so unclean. This world is so dark and its things will consume u so much you will live for what u think is right. the truth is so hard to accept that the world has its own truth and reality views and concepts. this message is not just for those who do not know Christ but most importantly its for the people who are in church. Dont just listen to your pastors or follow the choir when they sing and praise. Read and meditate on the scriptures yourself and find out about the Lord yourself. You cannot just know about him and not know him at all in your life. Follow him and seek for him when you are at home or anywhere else. When you make him your priority you will certainly get to know him and build a relationship which is unbreakable and you will find true joy in your life and the joy is never ending and the peace will be with you forever and ever. With this world you'll always find out there is an end to something just like this life we have. To know him work from within start with your heart pray that he will dwell within your heart and that he will change your mind. The closer you get the more you know about your heart and what it withholds your deepest desires will be exposed and JESUS WILL WIPE IT AWAY.

  2. Let my heart be the temple of Your Spirit
    Let my spirit feel the warmth of Your embrace
    Let me be a holy habitation
    Where Your Spirit is pleased to dwell

    Oh Lord I long to know Your Glory
    I want to offer the sacrifice of praise
    Feel this temple Lord with Your Spirit once again