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Taken from the album “Dance Again by LIFE Worship, UK

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  1. I dreamed about this song the other night… and i have never heard it before. I just googled the lyrics and this is the song that came up, it's exactly the song from my dream. Thinking God's trying to get my attention.

  2. Praise Him when your heart is breaking
    Praise Him, when your strength is almost gone
    Lift up your song (and)
    Praise Him in the fire and fury
    Praise Him in the dark night of your soul
    Your God is in control

    Your tears will dry, your heart will mend
    Your scars will heal
    And you will dance again

    Praise Him, tell your neighbors all about Him
    Let the whole earth sing and shout it
    Our God is faithful

    Praise Him for His love and mercy
    Praise Him for His grace and favor
    Praise Him our God is faithful

    Praise Him, He is strong and mighty
    Praise Him, He is holy, holy
    Praise Him, He is always in control
    His love has conquered all 2x

    And of His kingdom there will be no end
    For Christ our King is coming back again
    He’s coming back again 5x

    Lift up your song (and) …..

  3. A Christian friend gave me this album just after I was beginning to recover from having a triple bypass and complete mental breakdown in 2014.She has known me since 2011 and one of my gifts is interpretive Christian Dance and I am a member of Christian Dance Fellowship U.K
    In early 2017 I received a phone call from the inpatient Phsycology Lead Clinical Phsycologist who asked me if I would like to go back on the same ward where I been a patient in 2014.He said he would create a specific job for me where I can share my story and by using all of my creative therapy training, skills and experience to help the patients to begin their own recovery journey.He asked if I could design, deliver and evaluate an ongoing series of Creative Recovery input ideas .He also emphasized that I would have the full support of all the department's Phsycologists in terms of being in my sessions as a support encourage patients and staff to participate and also , taking part in the activities and then to be there should the patients show signs of being mentally unwell or frightened or insure whether to remain in the group.This effectively means that although I am more than capable of helping the patients with their distress, my role is to work to help them to recover and so I could then concentrate on this aspect.In June 2018 I became officially employed by Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust as an STR Band 3 Worker, which stands for Support,Time and Recovery member of Staff.
    Despite everything I have been through in my life , God has always had a positive plan to convert all of the negative experiences into positive encounters.I see my breakdeown as being the catalyst for enabling me to become the person I am today.I work on the ward for almost 4 hours per week.My job includes preparation time, up to an hour's session, group supervision and planning for future sessions.I am so blessed to be doing this specialised and absolutely patients focused job.
    I have also trained as a level 2 mental health and substance misuse peer mentor and spend 2 hours as a volunteer helping patients with anything that is having an negative effect on their Recovery. I have also qualified as a professional trainer for adults 18 plus to develop, and deliver courses all around Recovering from Mental Unwellness .
    I deliver these through the trust's Recovery and Wellbeing Academy based at Prestwich Hospital.
    As a Christian I am part of a team at the Bridge Church Bolton who are currently running an online Alpha Course
    There are many other roles I do which perfectly mirror my experience, skills dreams of being a person who is by God's strength and loving nurtering help , are able to get alongside Others and through listening, positive responses and an overwhelmingly love for others, defines the confident, focused and totally transformed person the eternal potter is continuing to mould according to the needs I am each day presented with.
    When I worship I am dancing again in a different dimension and very much closer encounters with my Heavenly Father who deserves every sinue in my body to have that eternal connection with my Creator, Best Friend, Advocate etc.
    I pray that whoever you are that gets the opportunity to read my story, will be able to discover that first of all God really loves you and demonstrated this by coming into our world and living on earth .He was put through the most horrendous, humiliating, excruciatingly painful torturous death, so that every person in this world can be reconciled with Our Saviour, Father God.
    He went through all of this out of love for you and I.
    Then you need to accept and believe he did this on your behalf.
    Next pray a Salvation Prayer by confessing your sin which is all the wrong things you have done in your life.Ask God to forgive you
    If you have done all the above with sincerety and an absolute belief in God's changing power,then ask him to come into your life as your Saviour and Lord.
    Praise God you are now part of Gods worldwide family and well done for courageously making the most important decision of your life.
    A Christian,an amazing thing and all the angels in heaven will be singing praises to God for the definate decision you have just taken.
    Please find a lively Church if you live in Bolton go onto wwwbridgechurchbolton.com There is an online service at 9.30am today which if you miss can be viewed again at another time.
    Sign up for the next alpha course which helps you to understand all about your decision and valuable insights on how to continue your new found walk with God.
    Please pray, find a local lively Church and go on an alpha course near you.Get hold of a modern day such as N.I.V Bible and continue to carry on this new journey in your life.
    The Bible also encourages you to tell someone about becoming a Christian,a bit daunting at first but really gives you a tingling sensation inside.
    All the very best to you as you begin your new life journey of walking with God,
    Thanks for taking the time, you will never regret it