William Folorunso Kumuyi | – Move your Mountain and Make Progress

The official Youtube channel of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Worldwide. June 2013 Revival Programme #WhenMountainsMove. Message preached by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

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  1. Listening to messages of Pastor Kumuyi shows, he still maintain a high standard of his calling, still preaching the true word that takes one to heaven. May the God Almighty continue to empower you with more anointing.

  2. Deeper life is the true salvation to Christ Jesus,i started going to deeper life in italy, ever since the Grace of God has been installed on me,,,When Christ Jesus will come deeper life members will embrace Him,because we worship him in the fullness. God bless deeper life bible church and bless us all

  3. God bless pastor Kumuyi! A minister with great difference…. Your teachings have blessed my life in many ways.. Though am not a member, .and I can't help not sitting under your Monday bible study..a study that sanctifies, because you preach the word is as it is.