Worship Drummer | – Pieces – Amanda Cook with Dan McMurray on Drums | The People Tour 2019

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So many of you have been asking for this clip. It’s very raw footage, but it captures the heart and passion of Dan’s playing and the musicality of her 3-piece band!

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Worship Drummer Interviews and exclusive Behind The Scenes with worship drummers like Brendan Tan (Hillsong Y&F), Andy Harrison (Planetshakers), Travis Nunn (Chris Tomlin), and Calvin Rodgers (Fred Hammond), etc... Worship Drummer

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  1. FINALLY. I’ve watched so many worship drummers intently over the last 20 (been playing for 17 )… about two years ago I saw Lauren Daigle open up for Jesus Culture and witnessed the best worship drumming I’ve ever seen besides Luke Munns from hillsong – drove me CRAZY bc I didn’t know who he was and I tried everything there was nothing I could – 20
    Seconds into this video I knew this was the guy. Mark my words people he is a 1 in a million drummer in telling you now he’s got something ridiculously special. He plays from an endless well of inspiration you can tell, he rock solid, and his drumming PURE art. He’s literally like a Picasso with every song I saw play that night – kept perfect time while driving these ridiculously creative beats that perfectly embodied the words and meaning of every song Lauren Daigle sang that night. He and the songs were One, in every way I could possibly imagine. Okay I’m done sorry Ive been looking for this guy for 4 years – thank you so much for posting this !!

  2. I hope one day God gives me a chance to do this I know my time will come and this is one of my biggest goals and something I truly would love to do for God Travel the world and to worship him and share his love through music