Worship Drummer | – Reckless Love | Live Drums with Joe Volk | Bethel Music – Heaven Come Conference

This song features Joe Volk (Bethel Music) on drums playing Reckless Love with Cory Asbury at Heaven Come. Thanks to Joe and Co. for capturing this moment for us.

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  1. So good! Question what is it called when you hit the cymbals to create that ring at the end? Is it called crashing? Someone told me it was crashing in and out.(if it’s not obviously I’m new to drumming so don’t roast me!)

  2. I'm still trying to find a drum cover faithful to the original studio version . Anyone know of a good one like that , or who the drummer may have been ? I am guessing it was Paul Mabury .

  3. why do all the great worship drummers use 2 toms, only 1 crash. why do all these drummers say less is more? ooh it could get in the way of worship, bla bla bla, nah man. with 3 toms, you could still praise the lord, with 2 or three crashes worship sounds even better. C'mon…

  4. Danke für dieses wunderbare Lied! Wir haben es heute im Gottesdienst unserer Freien evangelischen Gemeinde gesungen, mit fetten Schlagzeug und Super-Klaviersound in höherer Tonlage. Sensationell. Gott ist groß. God bless you!