Worship Vocalist | – Harmony Tutorial — "Lion and the Lamb" (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave)

Learn two different harmony parts for “Lion and the Lamb” (key of A)!

0:00 Harmony 1 Demonstration
1:25 Harmony 2 Demonstration
2:49 Sing along with the melody and both harmonies

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  1. I find harmonizing hard at times because I am trying to harmonize for my church band. I play the piano but it’s hard when I hear something and try to transform it to something else. It’s especially hard when you can’t cover your ear to hear yourself because your using both your hands for playing an instrument.

  2. Our God is the lion
    The lion of Judah
    He's roaring with power
    And fighting our battles
    And every knee will bow before him
    Our God is the Lamb
    The lamb that was slade
    For the sins of the world
    His blood breaks the chains
    And every knee will bow before The Lion and the lamb
    Every knee will bow before him