Worship Vocalist | – How can I sing high with power? – Live Q&A with Charmaine Brown

In a live Q&A video, vocal coach Charmaine Brown answers this question from a Worship Vocalist subscriber… 

“I don’t have a problem keeping a deeper tone when I’m in my lower chest voice (E below middle C to G above middle C), but once I get up above a G (or A/B/somewhere in there), my voice becomes nasally & tin-y, and I lose that “BUH” sound that was present in my lower range. How do you keep that low, full tone even as you add pharyngeal resonance as you go higher?”

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  1. Am so glad to be part of your family. Am learning so much from you. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am right now and know with these lessons am gonna get even better. God bless you. Am leading "Reckless love| this Sunday and am confident with all the information that you have taught on the same.

  2. Thank you Charmaine. But I have one big problem with high notes. For example, when I'm singing a chorus with high notes, the first time I can hit those high notes, but when I have to repeat again that same chorus, I fail. I can't keep it up. What can I do? Please help me.

  3. I don't get it.. when i try to sing with my pharyngeal resonance it cracks. when i try to not pull up chest voice , it sounds weak. can you record video only about Pharyngeal resonance.. how to sing with power.. do you use TWANG?