Worship Vocalist | – How to Sing Any Song Better

Want to know the top 3 strategies to making any song sound better? Check out this video for tips and tricks that will have you sounding better by this Sunday!



Want to learn the BEST WARMUP for your voice? Want your voice to feel smooth and connected? Want to be able to hit those high notes (even in the morning!)?!

Try this amazing warmup out the next time you’re headed to worship team rehearsal or on Sunday morning before singing, and I guarantee your voice will feel SO MUCH more connected!

Click below to download my FREE audio warmup tracks, specifically designed and created for worship vocalists, so that you can do this warmup as often as you want!


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  1. @CharmaineBrown can you please make video on increasing vocal range for males !. . I've been trying to sing You're Beautiful by Phil Wickham and when that high part came my voice starts to crack and sound really bad … Please make video on this. Thank you so much !.

  2. I loved the part where she talked about changing the key. I'm a baritone, so I often need to change the key of the songs because many of them are too high for me and even though others are not, I prefer to be comfortable, so I still change the key. I used to struggle with not having a tenor voice, but, I don't care any more, I'm beginning to accept and like the voice God gave me and focusing on getting better every day. Great advice for all of us who maybe sometimes felt like are voice wasn't enough. 🙂

  3. I struggle stringing the song together after doing pathfinder exercises. Any tips for that? I get stuck on hitting the path perfectly instead of just getting thru the whole song