Worship Vocalist | – How to Sing "Battle Belongs"

Take this song to a whole new level using the techniques from this tutorial! Watch and sing along with vocal coach Charmaine Brown as she shares tips and exercises that will help you:

⁃ choose the right key for your voice
⁃ navigate the low notes that tend to bottom out
⁃ access the high notes in a powerful, free-feeling mix voice
⁃ create a dynamic song journey from start to finish

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Brian Johnson, Phil Wickham

When all I see is the battle
You see my victory
When all I see is the mountain
You see a mountain moved

And as I walk through the shadow
Your love surrounds me
There’s nothing to fear now
For I am safe with You

So when I fight
I’ll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God the battle
Belongs to You
And every fear
I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God the battle belongs to You

And if You are for me
Who can be against me
For Jesus there’s nothing
Impossible for You

When all I see are the ashes
You see the beauty
When all I see is a cross
God You see the empty tomb


Almighty Fortress
You go before us
Nothing can stand against
The power of our God
You shine in the shadow
You win every battle
Nothing can stand against
The power of our God

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! this is great stuff! Quick Question, How would you pick a key for both men and women? I realize it may be challenging for this specific song, but do you have any general suggestions for worship music?

  2. Great tutorial! I like your strategies for modifying vowels by keeping an open mouth and your stylistic suggestions. Lots of really great stuff here! Amen to the point on leading our congregation well by honing our skill to reflect God’s glory!

  3. Hello! I love your videos, and you have helped me in my singing tremendously! I do have a question though… Is it important to do a 15 minute warm-up before every vocal exercise, or does vocal exercising count as a warm-up to your voice?