Worship Vocalist | – How to Sing "Reckless Love" (Cory Asbury/Bethel)

Anybody else LOVE Cory Asbury’s new song (and Steffany Gretzinger’s amazing version!)… but you find yourself pushing and straining to get power on those high notes? Or does your voice get weak and breathy and it’s just not communicating that word… “reckless”…? Check out my tips and techniques to eliminate vocal tension and strain and hit those high notes on pitch! And… it might seem crazy… but try out my lyric pronunciation strategies to create maximum efficiency in your voice as you sing this song! I’ve demonstrated in both the key of F for guys and B for girls, but if you’re singing it in a different key, just apply these same principles! 

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  1. Amazing teaching! I have a question. In case of a team where there are males and females together while the leader is female, what key do we have to follow?:( This has been a problem all the time…

  2. Thank God and Thank you for letting the Lord use you with all of the gifts and talents that He has blessed you with to teach us all these useful techniques. Do you or have you given a lesson on singing "I am clean" by Natalie Grant?

  3. I don't know why people are so negative. Always looking to out down people that have a giving heart. Stop saying you are a worshiper wen you go to others and talk bad about people that are trying to help others. I agree that worship God is not a performance or show . But why we can teach our selfs to do good for our careers or simple you wanna do something special for your family and you go around searching for the best recipes for a great meal. For others that doesn't mean you are a chef but for your family you're a loving and awesome cooker cause you prepare yourself to serve with love something delicious. Why can't we do that For God? Give Him our best and show Him we care and love Him so much that we are willing to learn to have a better sound for Him. ALSO WE got to give testimony that God lives in our hearts and stop hurting others because we think we can do it better. I love this video. Beautiful sister Thanks for your help and continue doing what God put in your heart to give to others. God bless you!

  4. Hello friend! So, I am just new to worship training and I don't know how to differentiate a nasal tone from pharyngeal resonance.

    All that you taught was a great technique! I never knew that breaking down the vowels is that important. It's good to know that I have to use different resonances in singing, so that my voice will not be strained.