WorshipMob | – Champion, Great Are You Lord, You Deserve It All | WorshipMob live + spontaneous worship

Champion, Great Are You Lord, You Deserve It All | WorshipMob live + spontaneous worship
Worship Session Inspired by Dante Bowe’s “Champion”
WorshipMob live + spontaneous worship
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Champion (You Are My Champion) by Dante Bowe, Bethel Music
Great Are You Lord – by All Sons & Daughters
You Deserve It All – spontaneous portion by Rachel Lamb & Aaron McClain
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Simultaneous Real Live Worship by the WorshipMob
Christ-purchased Identity, Unity, & Freedom

Abundant Life: Father God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit
Vocals: Aaron McClain, Cara Summer, Wade Shaw, Puchi Colòn, & Rachel Lamb
Acoustic Guitar: Stephen Goodier
Electric Guitar: Maverick Jessen, Travis Thompson
Bass: Josue Maldonado
Keys: Sean Mulholland
Drums: Braden Burson

Prayer/Intercession: Devin Christensen, Christine Jennings, Kevin Johnson, Larissa Mulholland, Cheyenne Wellborn, Eden Niles, Ian Cornish, Stephen Roux, Jacob Smith, Gerald Leroy Kramer Jr., Paige Britton, Kelsey Rygh, David Feinberg
Video: Richard Seldomridge, Sophia Mulholland, Justin (Jay) Macon, & Dezerae Buford
Recording Engineer: Jesse Bergeron
Editing, Mixing, & Mastering: Sean Mulholland & Jesse Bergeron
Video Production: Dezerae Buford

About The Author

WorshipMob WorshipMob is excited to be partnering with Adam Carpenter & Watershed Music Group, in all song-writing, publishing, and recording ventures! WorshipMob. We are also pumped to partner with Capitol Christian Music Group’s management and multi-channel network, to work closely with their amazing label, and have the opportunity to join together with the many worship artists they support and promote.

Comment (41)

  1. Wonderful arrangement. Thank you for all the time you not only sung your hearts out, but the countless hours you have spent in prayer behind this. The Spirit of God says, "I will and am breaking forth North, South, East, and West. I am healing, the broken hearted, I am healing physically, and spiritually. Those who don't know me will know that I indeed am the Champion reaching out to every corner of this Earth. All because my love is poured out through Jesus Christ my Son. I am breaking chains everywhere my Word is spoken and sung. Be encouraged children of the Most High God."

  2. I’ve had the privilege of living with these people and serving alongside them. The heartbeat of this ministry is to bring beautiful worship to introduce people into intimacy with the Father. They Love Jesus with all their hearts and they love His children. Truly a wonderful ministry.

  3. May the Lord continues to strengthening you guys as you continuing to worship God in spirit in the beauty of His holiness. I am so blessed beyond measure this morning listening and worshiping along. I see open heaven and blessings coming down mightily.

  4. I just watched worship mob nivarna. All of the incredible vocals you expect, but now the changes, at least three rock guitarists, a guy singer that painted the
    Stratesphere with his tonsils, my favorite female singing eyes shut, a drummer that hits harder than all the
    others and smiles while he tortures the no skins, cameras flashing from scene to scene to then all of the singers are on the screen at the same time. The only comparable musical be event I witnessed was when I was in college.
    It was Woody Herman

  5. Hey You! …yes you scrolling through the comments.

    You may feel down and broken through your lifes' journey. But you are like a glow stick.

    When it breaks it then glows. God has not forgotten about you. You're about to GLOW!