WorshipMob | – Command My Soul (single) | WorshipMob original by Emma Graham & Jen Halvorsen

Command My Soul (single) | WorshipMob original by Emma Graham & Jen Halvorsen
This is a live recording from the July 2021 WorshipMob Recording Retreat!
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Vocalists: Emma Graham, Tiffany Jackson, Trey Hebson, Anna Mull, Aaron McClain, Richard Mull
Keys: Sean Mulholland
Acoustic Guitar: Stephen Goodier
Electric Guitar: Mario Garcia & Luke Hall Bass: Josue Maldonado
Drums: Marcos Popa
Hand Percussion: Chris McDonald
Mob Vocals: Raven Hidalgo, Claudia Martinez, Lucy Aurora Smith, Aleythia Hall, Jen Halvorsen, Amanda Huyser, John Smith, Tony Yang, Darren Nez, Glorianna Barnes, Shantika, Emily Dee, Dylan Ferguson, Garrette Hall, Daunte Ferguson, Colten May, Nathan Williamson, Richard Mull, Stephen Roux, & Chris McDonald
Prayer/Intercession/Support: Larissa Mulholland, Devin Christensen, Christine Jennings, Benjamin Tucker, Lauren McClain, Kevin Johnson, Paul Jacobson, Lauren Jenkins, Bob Sorge, Shawn Savage, Aidan Halvorsen, & Ella Halvorsen
Graphic Design/Thumbnail: Claudia Martinez
Makeup: Vianna Mulholland
Camera Artists: Mitch Obach, Amelia Obach, Richard Seldomridge, Britt Jones, Angel Rideout, Ashley Brunt, Andrew Stoffel, Jared LeHew, & Luke Erickson
Recording Engineers: Jesse Bergeron, Ben Canon, & Tony Yang
Audio & Vocal Editing: Sean Muholland & Colten May
Mixing & Mastering : Sean Mulholland
Video Production: Mitch Obach
Produced by Sean Mulholland, Mitch Obach, & Colten May
Command My Soul – Lyrics
I will live my faith and not by sight
Cause Your ways are higher then mine
I will submit to Your design
I will lift my eyes
I will lift my eyes

Where does my help come from
My help comes from the Lord
The one who holds the stars
The keeper of my heart

I command my soul to sing
Cause You have given me authority
And I wanna see the way You see me
I’m Your chosen one
I’m Your chosen one

Even in the fire
Even in the flood
I am not forgotten
I am loved

I command my soul to sing
(Even in the fire!)
I command my soul to sing
(Even in the flood!)
From co-author Emma Graham:
The intentionality of God is one of my favorite things about Jesus. Like the song says, His ways are Higher then ours. None of us pictured the year we had last year in 2020, but God deposited this song in Jen and I back before the pandemic in February and His timing is perfect and now is the time for this song to be released!
God has given me revelation of our authority, and I believe in this hour we will see the greatest move of a company of people who know who they are in God! When we know who we are; we walk a little more confident and stand a little bit straighter. I believe this song will bring people deliverance – in breaking off depression, anxiety, and heart wounds from this last year. Where people have felt stuck in their praise and in their identity and ability to worship from a place of freedom; this song will be a breaker song for you! I believe God is also depositing a deeper revelation of the fathers heart of love and delight over us all. He is the best Dad and we can rest and trust in Him. Blessings to you all! You are loved and adored by the King of all Heaven!
From co-author Jen Halvorsen:
“Command my Soul” was God-inspired and gifted to us. We were blessed with an opportunity to shine for Jesus, and it was meant for such a time as this. I remember the season I was walking in, and God opened doors to meet Emma. He blessed us with a friendship and trusted us to write together. I know that through all trials and in every moment, I have to praise God – even when it’s hard, and even when it hurts. I trust and know that He hasn’t left or forsaken me, not ever. He is [support us] /> ___
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About The Author

WorshipMob WorshipMob is excited to be partnering with Adam Carpenter & Watershed Music Group, in all song-writing, publishing, and recording ventures! WorshipMob. We are also pumped to partner with Capitol Christian Music Group’s management and multi-channel network, to work closely with their amazing label, and have the opportunity to join together with the many worship artists they support and promote.

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  1. Hello, well I wanted to tell you that JESUS LOVES YOU, and wants to transform your life, understand and never forget, you are very special to GOD, so seek the LORD, read and get to know the bible, because behind it, you will meet JESUS and you will understand that the love of CHRIST JESUS is EVERYTHING, I say EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN THIS WHOLE WORLD, and ONLY JESUS can change your life, your story.

    Stay with GOD, and GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. Until people give their hearts and lives over to JESUS CHRIST this world will always be a sinful and a heartless nation. The reason GOD is being patient with us is because GOD knows what hell looks like and feels like. You all should start listening to Pastor Gino Jennings on youtube he preach the truth and don't sugarcoat nothing