WorshipMob | – To Worship You I Live (by Israel & New Breed) | WorshipMob live + spontaneous

To Worship You I Live (by Israel & New Breed) | WorshipMob live + spontaneous
I Know You Are God – Aaron McClain
Breath Of My Soul – Tara Scott
Spontaneous – WorshipMob
Breathe (Spoken Word) – Terrisha Buckley

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Abundant Life: Father God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit
Vocals: Aaron McClain, Rachel Lamb, Cara Summer, Tara Scott, & Linda (Porsha) Estimé
Spoken Word: Terrisha Buckley
Acoustic Guitar: Collin Shull
Electric Guitar: Connor Dasher, Travis Thompson
Bass: Stephen Roux
Keys: Sean Mulholland
Drums: Jonathan Shaeffer

Prayer/Intercession: Kevin Johnson, Devin Christensen, Christine Jennings, Larissa Mulholland, Raven Hidalgo (Mulholland), Austin Vande Berg, Becca Moylan, Chris McDonald, Marisa Bergeron, Jeremy Batchelder
Makeup Artist: Marisa Bergeron
Video Artists: Richard Seldomridge, Aidan Zieres, Luke Erickson, Sophia Mulholland, & Dezerae Buford
Recording Engineer: Jesse Bergeron
Editing, Mixing, & Mastering: Sean Mulholland & Jesse Bergeron
Video Production: Dezerae Buford

0:00 To Worship You I Live
8:11 I Know You Are God
10:35 To Worship You I Live
12:26 Breath Of My Soul
15:12 Breathe – Spoken Word
16:47 Breath Of My Soul
17:46 You Must Have Been Pleased

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  1. A message from one of our vocalists in this song, Aaron McClain:
    There’s a joy that comes with knowing JESUS. One of the aspects of this joy is knowing why you were created. The biggest question of humanity, “How did we get here [Earth] and why are we here?” is answered. It’s there that we find our purpose and our commission. To Worship I Live. 
    This anthem is a testimony for me. The better I know Abba God, the better I know myself and who he created me to be. The better I know me, the better I walk in why I exist. No more uncertainty in my purpose because from now into eternity I’ve got job security in the economy of Heaven. I’m justified by faith in Jesus, made righteous by His sacrifice, commissioned by love, and filled by His Spirit. Hallelujah to the Lamb, I GET TO KNOW GOD! and I get to live and not die to declare His works… 


    “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭17:3‬ ‭

  2. Dear WorshipMob

    Hi. I live in Virginia and am on the worship team at my church as a drummer and vocalist. I know this message won’t make it very far, but I just want to worship with you guys live. I want to be surrounded by people who want to bring heaven down to earth and invite God’s presence by praising through music! God surrounds His throne with singing and music, and in my heart…I am a Levite!!! The worshippers!! Even if nothing comes out of this message, thank you for your heart for worship and sharing it!
    -Wendall Lowe

  3. the world.tryin to tell me
    that joy is in money
    the world's tryin to teach me
    that i can do it on my own
    oh the world try to show me
    youre not who you say who you are
    but now i know better
    i know better
    to know you are God
    i know you are god
    so much better