WorshipMob | – Venture 12: Do It Again (extended) | WorshipMob w/Cross Worship & Osby Berry

Spontaneous worship inspired by Elevation’s “Do It Again”
With Osby Berry, Erica Bostick, Troy Culbreth, D’Marcus Howard, more

WorshipMob featuring our Cincinnati friends – Cross Worship
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Do It Again – written by Elevation Worship
Alpha & Omega written by Erasmus Mutambira & Israel Houghton
God You’re So Good portion from the traditional hymn
He is Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End – by Osby Berry (spont.)
He’s the Author & Finisher of our Faith – by Osby Berry (spont.)
Praise the Name of Jesus spontaneous portion by Roy Hicks [support us] /> Here I am to Worship spontaneous portion by Tim Hughes
Majesty spontaneous portion by T.D. Jakes
There’s Something About That Name spont. portion by the Gaithers
There is None Like You spontaneous portion by Michael W. Smith
Cornerstone: Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan
Good Good Father spontaneous portion by Pat Barrett & Tony Brown
Agnus Dei spontaneous portion by Michael W. Smith

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Life: Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit
Ministry & Prayer: Devin Christensen, Larissa Mulholland, many more
Audio Production: Jesse Bergeron
Video Production: Jesse Bergeron & Dezerae Buford
Executive Producer: Sean Mulholland
Camera artists: Richard Seldomridge, Dezerae Buford, Ben Wamberg, Daniel Lamb, Melinda Martin, Jeremy Mueller, Lori Higgins, Lauren Schultz, & Rachel Lamb
Vocalists: Colette Beard, Qirsten Carter, & Erica Bostick, Troy Culbreth, Osby Berry, D’Marcus Howard
Electric Guitar: Carson Smith, Dallas Bernard
Piano: Joe Roche
Bass: Sean Mulholland
Drums: John Fitch
Dancers: Jason Mobley, Vianna Mulholland, & Katrina Smith
Thanks & love to all others that gave of their time & assistance

About The Author

WorshipMob WorshipMob is excited to be partnering with Adam Carpenter & Watershed Music Group, in all song-writing, publishing, and recording ventures! WorshipMob. We are also pumped to partner with Capitol Christian Music Group’s management and multi-channel network, to work closely with their amazing label, and have the opportunity to join together with the many worship artists they support and promote.

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  1. Hey all – this is Sean – director of WorshipMob. To answer the numerous questions about the male dancer and the colorful flags, there was no intention of promoting a LGBTQ agenda in this video. We asked a few dancers to be involved in worship through dance, and he chose these flags, because they were what we had available. He later used some wooden swords in dance, and that does not imply that we intend to hurt people or war with people, just as there was no hidden agenda in using these colorful flags. Regardless, the rainbow was originally a God-given symbol, for peace and protection, and that God's wrath would not fall on His beloved like that ever again. Our video team thought the dancing with the flags was beautiful, and so we included the worship dancing, to show the variety of ways to worship, as we always hope to. Some of you may love it, and some may not.
    In our worship, we want to take risks and challenge the norms, as David did (worshiping past the normal cultural codes, he even considered himself undignified), in order for all of us to encounter the radical and life-changing power of God through worship.
    Blessings to all who listen – that you may be moved by Holy Spirit, and encounter the heart of God in this video. Peace, love, and joy, in Jesus' mighty Name.

  2. The love of JESUS is incomparable and incomprehensible. This song is a game changer in gospel music. In the SALVATION EMPOWERMENT SANCTUARY (House of Testimony , 2150 31St Ave, South), is that ONE Church in Grand Forks, ND which stands tall in the Holy Spirit, fasting, prayers and the word. We are NOT racial biased, welcoming all in the love of Jesus. @t

  3. Never hear of your praised team: Oh! What a joy to stumbled on your site, my worship was sooooo sweet on this morning(10/14/2020). Thank you Lord!! And I thank him for putting you'Al together to minister to through your songs!!! Amazing…

  4. The drip of Gods anointing is clearly covering all of you. Thank you for sharing your love for God in this way. Cont to worship in spirit and in truth. The Father is rejoicing as we enter into His presence. God bless each of you.

  5. I am an ordinary guy who has to work 2 , 3 jobs to make both ends meet and I usually don't care, but after reading all the comments I have to admit that I was touched and I can't stay indifferent . I don't know what to say but guys and girls ignore some of the negative comments I saw and keep doing what you do; your work is priceless; you help people to keep hope and you know that NO HOPE = NO LIFE. No doubt that you are already blessed but if ever God listen I will ask Him to continue to bless you all , to bless your work , to bless your inspiration. Be safe.

  6. This is a beautiful worship experience. I listen without watching because I was at work and it was completely illuminating to my spirit. I was able to sing along with most of the songs. The songs chosen will always be impacting in worship services. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  7. I love this song i actually have 5 favorites i was listening to this morning before church
    1this one
    2 alfa and omega.
    3Beautiful name
    5fill. Me. Up
    Amazing u guys r all. Annointed GOD BLESS you all

  8. He has done it again! The USA will have justice snd peace upon this Election Day 11/03/2020 tomorrow. IT IS FINISHED! thy Kingdom has come and thy will has been done on earth as it it is in heaven In Jesus Name! Such a powerful worship and praise for such a time as this! You are blessed!

  9. Wait a second…. isn’t this the black guy who sung acapella with tauren wells? And isn’t the other guy the same guy who… uhh.. never mind. Can I get names y’all? This felt good ❤️ thank you for helping me get my mojo flowing for this paper that’s due in 10 hours. I been siting here for DAYS stuck!
    Also thanks for the reminder needed this ❤️ def quite my spirit

  10. Going through some hardships in life right now, I stumble upon this video while in complete numb. I honestly burst in tears, the one time I can say I felt every word, tears running from my cheeks while I close my eyes and cry out to him for his guidance. The one time I felt so down I can only rely on him for strength. They say tell people your problems but it’s better I tell the lord my problems because he will never judge, never throw it back in your face when mad, never let you down, never leave you, never beat you down, he just listens. He will forever have my heart. My everything and I humble myself to accept his love, guidance, and strength.