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Sermon for Every Sunday | – "Does What You Believe Matter?" a Sermon by Ryan Ahlgrim from Acts 17:22-31

Does what you believe or not believe matter? Ryan Ahlgrim, pastor of First Mennonite Church, Richmond, Virginia, preaches from Acts 17:22-31. Paul teaches in Athens where the temples/shrines to all the local gods were located and where the philosophers resided. Listen and learn what Paul teaches these philosophers and how we can apply his teaching […]

Sermon for Every Sunday | – "A Disruptive Force and a Heartwarming Fire," a Sermon by Judy Kincaid from Acts 2:1-21

Have you ever tried to teach Biblical concepts to a group of three year olds? Judy Kincaid, winner of our 2020 Pentecost Preaching Contest and pastor of Little Elk Creek Lutheran Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin, volunteered to teach her three year old son’s Sunday school class. She tried to find something simple and concrete to […]

Sermon for Every Sunday | – "Very, Very Good," a Sermon by Phillip Martin from Genesis 1 (Trinity Sunday)

“I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who isn’t in some way fascinated by the world around them,” begins Phillip Martin, pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church in Richmond, Virginia. On Trinity Sunday, Martin expounds on the creation story from Genesis 1:1-2:4a and Psalm 8. Martin says that creation was careful and thought out. It […]