➤ Speaker(s): David Wilkerson
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➤ Music: Arrow of Time, 01. Steve Jablonsky – Sacrifice
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Comment (36)

  1. This is utter Religious brainwashing & fear-based preaching bullshit . . . . . why is religion so obsessed with the Devil and Sin ??. . . . because Religion invented the Devil to bullshit sheeple into enslaving themselves to Religions same invented man(men-made) Man-God . . . that is why Religions God is always a man . . . . wake-up! . . this BS has nothing to do with Prime Source Creator and all to do with ancient archaic Reptilian & Draco nonsense to dupe sheeple into a Religious system . . . . .
    Prime Source Creator is NOT a system of any kind . . . . it is All That What Is, Was and Ever Will Be . . . . You Are That, you are NOT a fearful, scared, brainwashed lost sheeple that must run from The Devil as well as hide from a Wrathful punishing and jealous & needy God that will not hesitate to condemn you and throw you into His – Religions' invented Hell. . . . .and Jesus as well as the name Jesus is and invention of the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church(this is historical researched fact) . .. Jesus is Not the historical man called Yahuwshuwa aka Yeshua . . . the message of Jesus is a blackmail religious enslavement message of religion(Christianity) and the message of the real Yahuwshuwa/Yeshua is telling you Who and What You Are of all peoples not of a particular Religion/Christianity . . . all people not just "saved" people . . . . no-one individual human is lost or was ever lost except what bs religion tells you for obvious reasons . . . you do NOT need to be saved . . . you need to know Who and What You really Are . . . . YOU ARE THAT. . . . . religion/Christianity will never and has never told you Who You Are because that will delete Religions – all Religions from this planet Earth.

    God Bless, Shalom and Namaste' to all.

  2. Go to the UCKG church Dis is the church that will teach you the rite think it have the love therapy it have a spashal pray for people how have sleep less night the UCKG church is louckited it evey country Trinidad and Tobago, united states, Africa, all of the cuntrys

  3. This is such UTTER brainwashing fear mongering Religious crap! of the highest religious order . . . this bullshit makes you believe that the mere fact that you are a human being made of flesh and blood is an absolute abomination and the biggest "sin" that has befallen on you as if you were born into a human body and in so being totally against Gods will

    Being a human being of FLESH is in fact totally Gods doing and God will in the first place as it is and was always God's choice to experience Him/Her/It-self in a human form being human being as well experiencing billions of other forms throughout the Universe and through everything That Is.

    It's time that this 3rd Density Draco – nian and Reptilian invented religious dogma crap comes to and end, and for sheeple to wake-up from this Matrix Bullshit and seek the truth from within themselves as to Who and What they really Are and Who and What Prime Source Creator is . . . . and let go of this enslavement of a man(men-made) Man-God nonsense that purely serve religious men and their BS religious agendas of an age old belief system that is such out-dated nonsense and that has been rehashed over and over, over countless of civilizations over millions of years on this Planet Earth.

    Shalom and Peace.

  4. Another Helper the Spirit of Truth Came in Person
    The Holy Spirit is here now in person with which Jesus Christ had prophesied of – the another Helper. It is not a mystical being that we all imagined for God works through people, and just as Jesus Christ came in flesh, so has the spirit of truth.

  5. The Holy Spirit is in you as promised for coming to & believing in Jesus Christ the first time at the calling of the gospel ( 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15 ) so there is no need to ask for the Holy Spirit to come nor to fill you "again" since you are a new creature in Christ, thus new wine bottles able to hold the wine ( Holy Spirit ) & thus sealed in salvation ( Matthew 9:17 ) The Holy Spirit is not going anywhere as He is your seal unto that day of redemption; Ephesians 4:30 Your physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit now; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 So whenever you need help, go before that throne of grace & ask Jesus Christ directly for that help; Hebrews 4:12-16 & He will. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rR_Rdb1CTE

  6. Who is the Holy Spirit ? Jesus says "But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, will not be forgiven…": to be more important than Jesus of course you must at least have A MIND. The Holy Spirit is thus NO "impersonal force" or "magical dust" as it sometimes unfortunately appears in the Scriptures. Accordingly, in the nicene creed the Holy Spirit has been identified as a third God-Person : "the Lord who gives life". But when Jesus was baptized, the Father (= the almighty God) said "…my beloved Son…" well, what did "the Lord who gives life" (who is supposed to be the Holy Spirit) do there, at the Jordan river? Something's wrong! We uncover now the truth. The Holy Spirit is equal to the Spirit of God (see the gospels). But who is the "Spirit of God"? He is GOD WHO IS A SPIRIT ("God is a spirit" John 4:24). In other terms, at the Jordan river simply God who is a spirit – and is namely called the Holy Spirit – said "…my beloved Son…", that's all. If God is a spirit, this logically means that He is NOT "normal", He is ONLY a spirit. What does it mean "He is a spirit" ? We could say He is "PRESENT but also ABSENT". It's like having someone at the phone: he is present, since you can talk to him, but he is also absent, because not in your room. Thus, in reality the person of God is somewhere else, where is He? God is IN THE PAST "the world has not known you". Therefore of course "no one has ever seen God" (not because "God is transcendent"). Even the Son "HAS SEEN the Father" and can NOT see the Father NOW. The Father thus dwells in a remote past, but from that past – by means of his power – He can reach us in our present time with his words and actions, He can SEE us now. He is in the past, this is why now everything must be carried out by the Holy Spirit, including speaking at the Jordan river. Only his power (a thing) is REALLY present and active here, separate from Him (because in the past) and from Jesus: the "POWER OF GOD". God is a spirit here, He is called the Holy Spirit (or Spirit of God, or Spirit of the Father). The Holy Spirit is thus a SPIRITUAL EXTENSION of God in our present time, only ONE MIND exists, not two: God and Holy Spirit are exactly the SAME almighty God. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (see above) thus is equal to blasphemy against the Father .