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Giants aren’t fairytale creatures sprung from overactive imaginations. They existed once, and they exist today as trials that loom over and threaten to crush us. The secret to overcoming them lies in the story of a ruddy-faced shepherd boy who struck down one thousands of years ago—reminding us that with God, all things are possible.

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  1. Great choice of Psalm 18:2-3 Jamie …creatively filmed and presented, once again. May God continue to bless Jonathon Magee, Rudy Rangel, Jeremy Laillier, and you Jamie Schreiber, in doing such brilliant productions.
    The content was excellent and well spoken. Ranger Dave would like this one, too!
    Much love, respect and credits to you my friends!
    Keep up these very professional presentations of aspects of God's truth.

  2. There are 'giants' in our world today and the greatest battle of all time is yet ahead. But the God of Israel is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for this timely video of timeless words from the Bible to strengthen our souls for the battle before Jesus returns to earth. God bless the truth of His Word that shines through your videos. May we meet in the Kingdom of God. Evy