Charles Dowell | – Chicago #1 For Gun Violence NewYork Challenging For First

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Comment (40)

  1. Chicago is bad because of the wicked leaders. Have been for a long time. I lived there and witnessed it first hand. The system will fake a crime like suspended license just to boot people's cars and force them to go to court and pay court fees and pay to get their vehicle back even if you prove that your license wasn't suspended. I know people this happened to. They also do nothing for the community. The jobs don't pay enough to sustain the residence as their bills are far more expensive. They forced poverty on people. Poverty has created the environment where only the "strongest" survive, but of course we know that to be weak. I cannot speak on the other states, but I know a little something about the south side Lawndale area, west side and Cicero Ave as well as Cicero in general. These areas need an example and they aren't getting it. I just would love to see leaders be a voice to the voiceless in these areas

  2. I know where I'm from you need a trigger lock on your firearm when not using it. You need take a special course at the police station for handguns and it's up to your local police station to determine if you can own a firearm.

  3. The Commandments say 'not to kill'
    but is there a thing such as a 'Righteous Kill'?
    A 'Righteous Murder'?
    Like if I saw a sister or brother getting beat by a racist white man and I stab him and kill him to save the sister/brother's live?
    Was my kill/Murder righteous?

  4. Yup! I’m ex-Special Weapons, Army tail end of Nam, and an ex-Cop of 8 years. Notice, I said EX ? DO NOT COME HERE thinking I’m going to willingly relinquish my firearms…..PATRIOTS WILL NOT BE THE ONLY ONES BLEEDING….

  5. Yes, gun violence is unreal here in some parts of Houston, Tx. It's making my Nerves bad. I feel like I've been to war. PSTD. I'm going back to the country forget the city life. Not for me. May God continue to Bless you and keep you… Thx love your show. I dont always agree but that's ok. You are a good man in my book.

  6. Shooting in America is like hamburgers and pick up trucks….they always been around!!! 1980s was called the "cocaine cowboys " (you know all that cocaine that came in through Florida, and California) miami was like "tombstone" nobody was so fckn scared!!!

  7. New York is not on no ones heels. Democratic got nothing to do with nothing. Memphis aint no damn 2 cow town itself. Memphis is way wilder than NY.
    Shootings aint down in no South. They got more homicides in Jacksonville than NYC. Democrats aint got nothing to do with anything.
    Im out. Man you bullshitting here

  8. I don't think everybody being able to get a gun in cities like Chicago would make it safer. Chicago is a different kind of animal. If they allow everybody in Chicago to have easier access to guns, it would just be people shooting each other left and right even more than they already are.

  9. Cleveland OH had 38 shot, 3 desd, plus 4 stabbed this past weekend. Per Cleveland population level it maybe one of the highest in the country. Another Democrat ran city, in a democrat ran county.

  10. Statistics, two large cities with hi populations of course thier the highest in gun violence. Per capita the Trumptard city of OKC is just as hi. When I see this, is when I recommend a college level statistics class.