Charles Stanley | – How can I be sure of my calling? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

If you’ve ever wondered what the will of God was for you… this response from Dr. Charles Stanley is sure to help. In it, he gives Biblical counsel to a viewer as he shares memories from his own life. In Touch Ministries, 2012.

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  1. Amen.Thank You For Sharing this with us on Here.The Truth Spoken Here.No we can never make up for lost time when we have not been obedient to God.We can be Thankful and Grateful that we have a Merciful God that when we Repent and want to be available for Him to use us Wholeheartedly He does make away for us. I am so Forever Grateful To Our Almighty Heavenly Father For His Grace And Mercy And Forgiveness.Amen

  2. I look back on my life, and I see that God has been leading me where He wants me to go. I thought my job as a server in restaurants was not important. However, I look back and see that because of my job, I have influenced many people. Even my hob was for the glory of God. Thank you God for making me what I am today. Fay Carroll

  3. My calling I believe was in nursing. I've been a CNA for 25 years. CNAs reach residents/patients better on personal levels than nurses do. Can easily share God's word with them and also pray with them.

  4. I believe, and with a conviction that I would stand before the God that is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful, that what I believe is concurrent with the Holy Spirit. And I believe that it requires the Holy Spirit to truly understand scripture. But what I see is so different from what others see.

    What am I to do with that?

  5. Absolutely, because I answered God later in my life as opposed to other people in my church, I'm always trying to make up for lost times, I love that; "you CANNOT make up for lost times", Thank you for that word sir.

  6. I think God is calling me to be a neurosurgeon for like a year I'm 17 and I am so afraid.I keep asking him for signs and he showed me but I don't think I can do it I always got good grades but damn a neurosurgeon that's gonna be a big responsibility and more than difficult . Plus I don't think me and my family can afford it . I'm really frightened and afraid and i keep refusing but I'm pretty sure it's God's best for me so I'm gonna try and trust him fully but I still think it's kinda impossible

  7. Pastor Stanley, I need your help I was with Jehovah Witnesses for about 3 or 4 years and I was enjoying it and it's a long story but I left so I got sick and I called the lady that was teaching me and she send me something stating that I was already in and somehow I left its in Psalm she send me quite a few the verses the point is I pray I watch a nice to watch things I shouldn't watch when it's not everyday is less now than before so that's how I know I feel comfortable reading more trying to get close to him a Jesus I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior I'm just trying to hear the quiet voice please help me.

  8. That is such a good advice.Surrender is the key and He will get you through,even if for a time you think,Lord I can't do that; He then will remind you to obey the little nudes that the Holy Spirit will let you feel as He works in a life that it's focused,and desiring more then anything else to be in the Fathers perfect will. God has given us the tools,or l might say the Holy Spirit,who Jesus sent to us from the Father to guide and encourage us to stay on the path,even if we are not familiar of this path,He put us on.Even at times becomes uncomfortable to go on.I have learned from Pastor Stanley,that you just believe God's Word, and rest in His promise to get you there where He told you to go,or do.ln the center of His perfect will and plan,is the best more blessed place to be.He will take care of the consequences and will cause all things to work together for good.

  9. I am happy to be subscribed to this channel.
    Do you sell dvds with these videos?
    Why I ask?
    If ever loose my youtube account. Il be abble to follow Gods will through the Bible and the videos.
    At this time my damaged mind need theses truthful teachings about Gods word and will.
    Thank you again Lord Jesus Christ for guiding me to this Channel.
    Lord you keep blessing me and I thank you!
    Amen. I Love you.