Christian Broadcasting Network | – Teen Surprised to Wake Up in E. R. After Suicide Attempt

Though she was a Christian and attended church, Cally never developed a deep relationship with God. When teenage life became overwhelming, she took matter into her own hands.

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  1. From someone who has been in two comas due to the fact of my illness I personally don't understand how someone can't cut themselves or kill themselves like I almost had my life taken away from me so many times I don't get how someone can't end just end it and if go was truly a thing then why do we all have these illness

  2. ok but you called poison control after a suicide attempt and was in the ER…. its a mandatory 51-50 at least in the US. i know this for a fact, as im a survivor of 12 distinct suicide attempts. every fucking time i went into the ER , or in many cases the ICU, and theyd always fucking send me to a psych hospital or a residential treatment facility. damn, youre one fucking lucky gal.

  3. My parents didn't even care when they found out, I self harmed since I was 12 tried my first suicide attempt when I was 14 ended up throwing up all the pills. Second time I was 17 I didn't cut deep enough, now I just have to scar of it, third time I was 19 I took my hole bottle of Keppra 1000mlg and 60 pills, all my diazapam 15 mlg also 60 pills, two completely filled bottles of advil, and half a bottle of Tylenol. I was at work, I was working at E-Z Mart I was so depressed and I didn't know what to do. I waited to tell any one until I was in the fetal position behind the cash register, my boyfriend and his mom and stepdad showed up made me vomit, drink milk, and vomit again, made me drink tons of water I should be did because I refused to go to the hospital, I was in pain for like three days after. Two weeks later I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant, it should of killed us both. Now I'm 14 weeks and 4 days, I truly believe I wasn't meant to die because of my baby girl, we are both healthy and I'm finally admitting I have a problem I'm clean of self harm, although I do have the thoughts, I'm also taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicine. I'm doing so much better not just for me but for my small growing family. I have a reason to live and love life now.

  4. It's so sad that she doesn't believe it was her own strength that got her through this… She did the hard work to get better, she persevered through those dark times, and she beat the depression. She should be proud of herself.

  5. Black clothes, heavy makeup, tattoos, skulls piercings etc. are most definitely more than just artistic expression. It shows an allegiance to darkness and evil. Or at least the darkness you feel inside. I know I was there. It's symbolic. The Bible is pretty explicit about that. They can possibly drag you to Hell when you die unless you come to believe in Jesus and those issues are resolved. But If 'artistic expression' is that important to you. Go ahead. You are conforming to the world, it's not original.
    Clearly you are more concerned with pleasing other people than you are about pleasing God.