Christian Hip Hop | – Christian Rap – Psalms Of Men – "Son of a King" ft Datin (@ChristianRapz)

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God Over Money’s Datin Exclusive Music Video “Son Of A King” featuring Psalms Of Men


Christian Rap – Datin – “Son of a King” ft Psalms Of Men (@ChristianRapz)
Christian Rap – Datin – “Son of a King” ft Psalms Of Men (@ChristianRapz)

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Comment (43)

  1. Toen MIJ VADER JEZUS CHRISTUS heeft rap uit gewonden ik 100 present dat mijn vader Jezus Christus had psalms of men in zijn gedachten en ik ben mij vader Jezus Christus dank baar. Ik hou heel veel van U GOD U BENT mij leven.

  2. Hustlehardnyc FB insta Globalrevival let me get on a track for the ladies bound to cardi and nikki and all these worldly rapper. Follow my pages we are certified, stamp, sealed and about to sent off. In Jesus name

  3. Wow! "Came thru with the sofrito!" All of you are amazing men of God! God bless you all! I pray your praising rap continues to flourish and spread to all who need it. May The HOLY spirit of Christ Jesus dwell in u and use u as Gods sharpest tools. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  4. I guess that’s something that people don’t understand I don’t want to fame I don’t care about the glory I don’t care about none of that my job and when I was called to do by God it’s to bring God’s people in dad is tired of seeing everybody separated we are one body of Christ there at the end it almost sounded like you were condemning me it’s hard do you not understand that but still yet again you guys forced the hand of God to move early and there’s going to there’s gonna be other Christian people dragging to fall off remember before I even went on and I said I’m in perfect and I kept saying that I am perfect so don’t hold me by a certain image when I keep saying that I’m in perfect continue to pray for me and exalt his demons out of me completely I know the message that I service of Jesus but like everyone else Foss short to the In different areas that doesn’t mean that I’m not a child of God that just means I got a lot more to work on that real

  5. Even if my name has to be smeared ridiculed oppressed mocked I know why I did and what I do I love Christ but apparently people don’t see that they just hear something else but every man has its own Battles inside

  6. Discovered this song: more like a revelation. Hip hop bombardment full of holy ammunition. Paradoxical: calming but explosive, meek yet bold, the scripts the pages beyond origami unfold. Really lovely to hear and dance to, only sad that rhymes like these are so few…