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DappyTKeys Piano Worship is founded on the scripture from the book of 1 Samuel 16:23 (“…David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him”). My music is Anointed, Inspirational and God inspired; it’s an overflow of time spent in God’s presence and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I pray you will be drawn to the love of God in Christ Jesus, you will experience a peace that pass all understanding, you will experience healing from your sickness, and May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind as you listen. Amen!
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About The Author

DappyTKeys Piano Worship DappyTKeys Piano Worship. Welcome to DappyTKeys Piano Worship YouTube Channel! Here you will find Piano Instrumental Music that will help you to Relax, Pray & Meditate. Please remember to Subscribe to this channel and Share our content with others. DappyTKeys Mobile App is available on iOS and Android. Download here: https://get.theapp.co/sdz7 To Stream or Download my music, just search for "DappyTKeys" on all digital platforms, or use the links below. For bookings, to use my music and all other inquiries please email [email protected] Thanks, Tim Oladeru (DappyTKeys)

Comment (30)

  1. Thank you again Tim. You are truly anointed by Almighty GOD Dear Brother. I have been listening to your Worship music for almost 3 years now everyday. It is a part of my life now. May GOD keep Blessing you with Love, joy, Healing and a peace that passes all understanding in Jesus precious and Mighty name!

  2. The Lord spoke a precious word to me the other morning. I share it with you here.
    DON'T GIVE UP!!! I know how hard it has been for you and in you and on you. LAY IT ALL DOWN, MY CHILD! Let Me care for you. Let me handle EVERYTHING that concerns you. For you take on too much in your own strength. Yoke with Me. And even when you don't see your prayers answered when and how you like, always trust that I know EXACTLY what you need when! Rest more. Struggle less. Be at peace no matter what. For I AM your peace, not your circumstances. All things are possible with Me! The battle is heating up not just for your, but for My people everywhere. I AM preparing you for the days ahead. Think of it as boot camp! Take My strength as your own. Spend more time on your knees in prayer. Just do it! And remember that I have overcome the world!

  3. Could anyone pray for our small business, God has given us a sale to The Netherlands(praise Abba Father) we are worried about our package going out, we would love some prayers so it arrives safely!

  4. Praise be to the Almighty Heavenly Father for blessing you my brother with this gift of reaching out to others by way of music. It is truly spiritually uplifting and resonates with body, mind, soul and spirit.

  5. Thank you for what you do. I have tried many other worship channels and they are mostly more distracting and less annointed. I keep coming back here and even have 3 or so favorite videos I repeat often. God bless.

  6. Thank you dear brother in Christ. Your music is truly annointed. I am blessed and refreshed and washed in the Word after a glorious quiet time with my/our beloved Heavenly Father , Son and Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord oh my soul, let all that is within me praise His holy name.
    May God bless you in your beautiful ministry.

  7. Life is like a piano, where happiness is represented by the white keys and despair by the black keys; over time, you will discover that the black keys may also produce music.

    Love this music so much !!!