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Erwin McManus | The Last Arrow: Save Nothing For The Next Life

10:02 | Erwin talks about the night he planned to tell his family about the results of his Biopsy.

We took a little trip to Colorado Springs to spend some time with our publishers at Waterbrook / Multnomah. We had the best time getting to know the team that has worked so hard on getting the message of ‘The Last Arrow’ out into the world! This is a behind the scenes look at what we talked about…

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  1. Hello Erwin, I am from Sydney Australia and I cannot express how much Mosaic and your talks have kept me spiritually afloat. I listen to the podcasts with great anticipation of when a new one is released and hope one day to drop in if I am even in LA. So I just wanted let you know that you (and the amazing people supporting you) are touching lives beyond what you could imagine.

  2. That was something I needed to hear. I was diagnosed with lung cancer three months ago. I wasn't angry I wasn't bitter I was grateful that someone had finally found out what was wrong with me. Like Pastor McManus I had gone to four to five different doctors to find out what was wrong. The last doctor which was actually alone doctor had diagnosed me with asthma. None of the medicine that I was prescribed worked I continuously begin to be short of breath more and more. One night I cough so much I finally decided to take myself to an urgent care facility. It was there I was diagnosed by the doctor on staff that I had a mass on my lungs that was possibly cancerous.

    It was after the doctor left the room telling me that I had a possible cancerous mass that I could do nothing but thank God for finally having someone to tell me what was wrong.

  3. And he was 100% right you do not begin to live until you can accept dying death is the illusion living is the reality and so I have got up got myself out of this house gone out and at every opportunity that God will open the door I will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ I will just talk to someone who need someone to talk to. Strike up a conversation to share Christ living inside and let it come pouring out.

    My last scan my cancer has shrunk from 3 inch to 1 inch. cm easier to relay. I no longer sleep with oxygen or take it with me when I leave home. I do wear my face mask if I'm out and about where there is a large number of people in close proximity to each other.

    I love God, I exault the person and work of Jesus and I always pray that I cooperate with the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    Pastor McManus I will pray for you and I thank you for giving this message that you've given I've been blessed by it.

  4. It’s amazing to see how far Mosaic and Pastor Erwin have gone with spreading the love of Jesus. Im From Brady St. in East LA to San Gabriel High and East Los Angeles College. I grew up with all the original church on Brady kids and LOVED being a part of the youth worship. I’ve been watching the Pod cast lately and I feel like I’m being called back to Mosaic in such a strong way, but I let embarrassment keep me away for so long. It’s easy to allow myself to give in to the negative thinking and consume myself with excuses of why I’m not going to physically go. The what if. But I’m going to be going back and not just watching the pod cast at home. I want to be a good person that leads with the love of Jesus. Thanks Mosaic and Pastor Erwin for being welcoming to so many.