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MATT MAHER – Alive & Breathing: Song Session
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What holds your heart
What stirs your soul
What matters come to mind
The cares you keep
The thoughts you think
It’s not all wasted time
Seek and you will find

Joy still comes in the morning
Hope still walks with the hurting
If you’re still alive and breathing
Praise the Lord
Don’t stop dancing and dreaming
There’s still Good News worth repeating
So lift your head and keep singing
Praise the Lord

Years roll by
We wonder why
We lost our way from home
Our Father finds
The child inside
We had left for growing old
Awake, awake, awake my soul

Let everything, let everything, let everything
Praise the Lord
In the working, in the waiting
Praise the Lord
In the blessing, in the breaking
Praise the Lord
In the dying, the rising
Let it praise the Lord
Let it praise the Lord
praise the Lord

#mattmaher #runtothefather #worshiplessons

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Essential Worship Essential Worship. Essential Worship exists to resource worship leaders and teams, while making it easier for the local church to discover and adopt new songs. Through Song Sessions, Gatherings, Tutorials and more - we provide exclusive song content, opportunities to interact with the artists and writers, and everyday tools to make a worship leader's job easier.

Comment (46)

  1. Did you know ? Mountains and Hills are singing and Trees clapping ! Read this verse : Isaiah 55:12 – “For you shall go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;
    the mountains and the hills before you
    shall break forth into singing,
    and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."
    Every creature praises the Lord for HE made all The Creation! How much worth are People Precious in God's eyes and He is worthy of our Love and Praise..Praise The Lord For all HIS Mercy & Goodness 🙂

  2. This song so moves my heart. I cannot listen to it without shedding tears of joy. I look for this song every day, whether on the K Love music station or on the internet. It inspires me, humbles me and reminds me that weeping may last for but a night, for surely, Joy still comes in the morning… Praise the Lord!

  3. I have had to take on extra jobs because my husband is in the middle of a career transition at 58 years old & it is not going smoothly. As a matter of fact, we have lost our health insurance & behind on car payments & rent the last two months. In the last 4 weeks , while traveling to my various jobs , this song has come on the radio 4 times ON THE SAME STRETCH OF HIGHWAY !!! I just KNOW it is AN ENCOURAGEMENT from THE LORD & have have shared this song with my husband !!! THANK YOU for music !

  4. Trying to find a halfway tolerable recording of this song, but it seems to just have all the accoustic appeal of feral cats mating while a garberator runs with a fork stuck in it. Everyone involved obviously has musical talent, so why is the result so god aweful?