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You were reaching through the storm
Walking on the water
Even when I could not see
In the middle of it all
When I thought You were a thousand miles away
Not for a moment did You forsake me
Not for a moment did You forsake me

After all You are constant
After all You are only good
After all You are sovereign
Not for a moment will You forsake me

You were singing in the dark
Whispering Your promise
Even when I could not hear
I was held in Your arms
Carried for a thousand miles to show
Not for a moment did You forsake me

And every step every breath you are there
Every tear every cry every prayer
In my hurt at my worst, when my world falls down
Not for a moment will You forsake me

SONGWRITERS- Jacob Sooter, Meredith Andrews, Mia Fieldes

#worshipmusic #verticalworship #notforamoment

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Comment (47)

  1. Can't listen to this song without crying. This song has been a special comfort to me this year. Thank you for your talent and your willingness to serve God in worship! He truly speaks through you.

  2. I'm trying to do this song – and this version – for a solo at church. I'm having trouble finding the sheet music to this exact version to give my musicians. The link provided in the description comes up with an error. Can anyone please help me? I love this arrangement so much better than the radio one!

  3. Thank you for this song. I needed to hear it to reclaim a very painful half-hour that wrecked hovac on my faith for several years – moments when I felt forsaken. God was there as well.

  4. I have been looking for this song for weeks now !!! I remember listening to this 7 years ago as a little girl on repeat. Now I am 22 years old and truly know the meaning of Gods love . He loves us so much even when we aren’t interested and choose the world over him . He is so sovereign. So loving and always available. God is the truth!

  5. Out of the 3 versions I have found of this song, this one is the most tender rendition. It is smooth, peaceful and I like the background male voices. Can I download it from somewhere? Meredith or Jacob could you direct me to where I can get this version? Thank you.