Fred Coulter | – The Birth of Jesus Christ – PART #1 (First Half) By Fred R. Coulter.

(First Half) The Birth of Jesus Christ, by Fred Coulter. October 17, 2020.

Judaism— Revelation of Moses Or Religion of Men?
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A Harmony of the Gospels – In Modern English
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Why Were You Born?
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The Appointed Times of Jesus the Messiah
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  1. When Mr. Fred comes to 2Tim chapter 3 and comments (at 17:45) "Why is it when you read the Bible, something happens to you and your thinking when you read it?" This question was really profound for me because… it's TRUE! The more I delve into the Bible… and I mean TRULY delve and study with the intention to get to know and understand God better and what He wants of me etc… more and more of how I think and live my life changes. For example, I tried to be a "good Christian" and do Sunday keeping Sabbath for YEARS and found it so stressful! That "Peace" was constantly escaping me and there was always some sort of "reasoning" to explain it away. Now, I've been keeping the Sabbath as ordained in Genesis since shortly before Passover (2020) and I look forward to it each week. I feel refreshed. Excited, even! My understanding grows by leaps and bounds some days… yet I know I've barely learned a thing! Then, Sunday comes around and it's just enjoyable as well! The whole week is so much MORE to me. I actually feel oddly more productive, etc. This coming from someone with a chronic illness etc. Just really spoke to me! Thank you for posting this study!

  2. I never gave much thought that to devote ones time to preaching was also researching and preserving the history for future generations. You show there is more to scripture besides what is written and i appreciate it. Great sermon Pastor Coulter