Good Christian Music | – Jonathan Ogden – Waterfall (GCM Sinai Sessions)

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✞ Lyrics:
Everlasting One
Nothing else compares
To knowing You
To knowing You

You’re the living God
And my soul it longs
To be with You
To be with You

Oh Lord Your love is like a waterfall
Your love is like a flowing stream
And whenever I’m feeling dry
I come to the river, I come to the river of life

You are worthy Lord
Of every song that I could sing
That I could sing

And my heart cries out
God I need You more than anything
Than anything

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul longs after You

✞ Filmed at Mount Chapel, Manchester:
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Amen Worldwide Amen Worldwide. We've been redefining the scene since 2012, as the original home of good Christian music - showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. We spend our time working with artists to help them grow in creativity, as well as spending vast amounts of time searching for the very best in Christian music from signed, independent, and completely unheard of musicians. We love to pioneer new, creative artists to help build their fanbase and see their ministry become a career. We do this through close relationships, and more intentionally through our own co-operative record label The Amen Collective through which we empower artists to reach greater audiences whilst maintaining ownership over their work. Through our Sinai Sessions, we create a community between artists and create exciting new live content of your favorite musicians performing original songs and covers.

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  1. We joined the Rivers & Robots frontman, Jonathan Ogden, at his home church in Manchester last month to film a live version of his solo song 'Waterfall' for our new series 'Sinai Sessions'. Whilst leading the song on electric guitar, he triggered loops, samples, and backing vocals from a launchpad to achieve the smooth, hip hop inspired vibe of the original studio recording, featured on his Spring EP. Leave your comments for Jonathan below and let us know who else you'd like to see on Sinai Sessions! For the chords visit our website:

  2. I've heard this song so many times and tears well up within my eyes and a knot grows heavy in my neck as I listen to the Comforter of the Holy Spirit and flow through the sweet melody of Jonathan Ogden's, I always think about how incredible it is that God has used him in such a way to create such beautiful music that truly expresses the love of God… <3